I’m reeaaaallllllyyyyyyy not that big on hair.  Growing up, we always thought that straight hair was “better”.  This was definitely larger due to the fact that my gran preferred straight hair but who could blame her??!!!  She grew up in the apartheid era and was probably subjected to the “pencil test” on more than one occasion.  As a child, I remember my mother washing my hair, combing it out and then putting rollers in it.  We were not given the priviledge of sitting/playing in the yard outside in our rollers while our hair dried!  Oh no, we had to sit for an hour at a time under the hair dryer (yes, those big ones that you only find in the salon these days) until our hair was dry before we emerged looking like curly sue with rose red cheeks!!  Thereafter, we had tight ponytails everyday for school – those that I swear contributed to my receding hairline – or buns when we went to ballet.  Sometimes we had plaits.  On the odd occasion, we had those half moon styles (the one where the bottom half of your hair hung loose and the top half was in a pony) but rest assured, whatever the style, there was no avoiding the rollers.

Every few months, my mum hooked up the Wella straightener to try and obliterate any visible fuzz balls on our heads control the “kroes hare“, the smell so strong, it could produce a few tears in your eyes and so the hair days went.  From the affro combs to those wide toothed combs large enough to comb out your whole pony with two teeth, hair time generally meant tears!  My mother did my hair every.single.day until matric!!!!  I didn’t know how to roll or blow dry my hair – blow drying, the “nicer” look was generally done at the hairdresser because if done at home, it was rollers first (one hour) and blow drying later (another full hour)….I did sometimes subject myself to this once I got older as which matric really wanted cute girly curls in their hair??!!!  Besides, straight was better 🙂

After high school, my mum suggested that I cut my hair into a short bob because that was the easiest way I’d learn to blow it myself!  Of course, learning to do my own hair was a learning curve resulting in lots of disasters and even more multi coloured bandannas being added to my wardrobe to try and “cover up” the mess on my head that was my hair!  Can you imagine a girl in a tracksuit with a bomber jacket, takkies, an umbrella and a BANDANNA?!?!?!?!  Yup, that was me.  First year on campus at UCT nogal – eyeballs!!!  I think I only got the hang of being able to do my own hair about 6/7months into the year.  The one thing that helped a lot was when I realized that my hair could frizz and the “wet look” really did suit me….it was off with the bandanna from there on and the conditioner was being used one way!!

Aaaaaahhhhh, the good old days 🙂  Fortunately, many years later, I’m able to do a pretty good job of my hair.  Unfortunately, I don’t have 40minutes every other day to do it so it very seldom looks like this (good hair day today!)…


One thing that I love about my hair is that it grows quite quickly so I like to change it up once in a while.  That change of course comes with many restrictions.  As I gym three times a week, my hair needs to be long enough to tie it up during my workout and do an upstyle/wet look straight afterwards which will still look presentable for work.  I don’t like hair in my face so a fringe/short fronts is out of the question as is any hair that cannot be tied back at ease.  But I want something different!  A trim isn’t different and it isn’t what I’m looking for!  A bit limited for choice but my hair appointment is booked for Saturday morning and it’s time to tame this mane…I can’t wait!!!!!! 🙂


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