This year, we hosted Christmas lunch at our house for the first time.  My husband was the perfect host, if I must say so myself 🙂  (he even did more than one round of dishes!), lunch was perfect (of course we cooked enough to feed an army a little bit much) and Ethan chose the perfect time to have his afternoon nap, just as we were serving the mains so the adults ate lunch and had good conversation in peace!!  

Santa was particularly good this year and the look of excitement on Ethan’s face as he went through his first Christmas stocking plus the “yoh” that he repeated over and over again as he opened his first gift – a truck and dozer from my sister – was priceless.  A 45minute walk after lunch to try and settle the food a bit was just what the doctor ordered and a game of scrabble with the hubster and my folks late last night was the perfect end to a perfect day.  

Our first Christmas at home was a big success and I look forward to having many more with my family!! 




Merry Christmas everyone xxx





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