This morning at spinning, about half an hour into the class, a song that I know started playing.  I’ve been going to the same Monday 5:15am class for a few months now, but this is the first one I’ve attended this year and seeing as the instructor changed his playlist, I was unsupringingly unfamiliar with most of the music that he played so when this particular song started belting out, I started singing out loud.  No, not in my mind!  Singing loud as in, if the music was off, every person in the room would have probably heard me. 

Now, I’ve blogged about my love of music/singing on more than one occassion, but there’s one thing that beats my love for music and that’s my love for talking!!  I don’t.stop.talking.ever!!!  I’m convinced it’s in our genes.  I always have something to say – ask my husband, he’ll tell you 😉  Much like my grandmother (and my mother!), I can sit next to a complete stranger and have a full blown conversation.  I’m never lost for words and there’s little that makes me happier than having a conversation with somebody.  Anyway…I digress! 

When I started singing this morning, I thought how funny it is that after spinning for half an hour, barely able to move my legs, I’m still able to sing and that reminded me of a class that I attended with my sister on boxing day.  Yes, I was at spinning on boxing day and on Christmas Eve may I add 🙂  [Unfortunately, that was the grand total of gyming I did over the festive season and the two weeks before that, I was out of action as well as I had bronchitis 😦 ].  I met my sister 10minutes before the class so that I could get my “usual” bicycle as I was unable to book online the night before.  We caught up a bit before the class started and I recall us having the odd word during the class about the height of my handle bars and how I thought I could possibly lift my seat higher – all while gasping frantically for breathe due to a serious lack of fitness on my part.  About 40minutes in (it was an hour and a half class and we had already decided to duck after 45minutes), I turned over to her and said something (bare in mind here that the music is so loud in the spinning class that hardly anyone absolutely nobody, bar her and maybe one or two people around me, could have heard so it’s not like we were disturbing the class!!).  A few minutes later, the instructor said over the mic, something to the effect of: by now you should be pushing so hard and you should be so out of breathe that you shouldn’t be able to lean over and chat to your chomma next to you.  Now, I’m not sure whether that was directly related to me but I chuckled silently in my head and laughed even louder when my sister and I left the class.  Seriously, does she not know our family?  There is nothing that keeps us from talking!  I can be dying on the side of the road and I promise you, I’d still have something to say!!  Oh well…maybe I should try and stop and see what happens.  I can bet your bottom dollar that people will notice!  I will get a whole host of questions – what’s wrong, why are you so quiet, aren’t you feeling well?! 

I guess there’s certain things that you just can’t change and for me, talking’s one of them 🙂 🙂 🙂


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