For 2years, I’ve come home every afternoon and focused entirely on Ethan!  As a baby, I’d sing songs to him, pull faces, jump around like a mad person in an attempt to keep him entertained and stimulated and as he grew older, I’d take him for long walks in his pram around our old complex and push him on his swing which at the time was indoors.

When we moved to our new home, I was so happy to have a house twice the size of the flat that Ethan could run around in and even happier that our complex had so much trees, grass and a bench which really fascinated Ethan.  We’d spend hours every afternoon when I got home walking barefoot down the driveway, laying on the grass singing at the top of our lungs, watching the aeroplanes fly overhead and jumping off the bench.

More recently (and by recently, I mean less than 6months ago) two families moved into our complex with 3year old boys and I was over the moon that Ethan had friends closer to his age.  I cannot explain how I’ve seen him grow since then – his speech especially!!  Initially, I’d walk after the kids, yell for Ethan to slow down and be careful but slowly, I’ve loosened the proverbial “apron strings” and I now let play for hours outside with his friends while I sit outside on our verandah doing things like typing out a new blogpost 🙂 and cooking in between.

Now while this may sound amazing, I can’t quite decide whether it is or isn’t.  On the one hand, I have all this free time on my hands (think painting nails in peace, surfing the net and cooking with no rush) but on the other, my child doesn’t need me anymore.  He’s more independent, he’s loving playing with all the complex kids and it definitely seems to have improved his sleep at night (I’m talking full nights here people!!). 

I guess we’ve moved onto the next phase of our lives – call it phase 2 if you like?!  Ethan’s growing up and while, for now, I have no idea what to do with all this free time, I think I’ll just enjoy it, go with the flow and get used to the idea that in order to spend some time alone with Ethan, I’ll either have to take him out somewhere or wait for a rainy day??!!! 😦 


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