There once was a girl named Jodie,

Who was never really skinny and boney.

But post pregnan-cy, she continued to feast,

And now she’s feeling quite mopy.

To set the scene of this blogpost, let me show you some pictures because a picture really is worth a thousand words…

Last family holiday before Ethan was born - 4months before I fell pregnant

Last family holiday before Ethan was born – 4months before I fell pregnant

Mama Howe a month or so before Ethan was born

The day before Ethan was born - me at my heaviest during my pregnancy!

The day before Ethan was born – me at my heaviest during my pregnancy!

A year after Ethan was photoshoot (no, I'm not pregnant in the shoot although I look like I'm in a pregnancy shoot!!!)

A year after Ethan was born…family photoshoot (no, I’m not pregnant in the shoot although I look like I’m in a pregnancy shoot!!!)

After fitting very snuggly into a size 14 dress (I’ve NEVER fitted into a size 14 ever in my life!!) in December, I decided that that was the last straw and that I had to get serious about shaping up.  You see, I was that girl who thoroughly enjoyed her pregnancy.  I stopped gyming (I was gyming four times a week pre-pregnancy), I ate everything that I wanted to whenever I wanted to and my reward…18.5kg weight gain.  Yes, Ethan contributed a lot to that along with water, the placenta etc. but I was HUGE as the pictures above clearly show.  At the time, I wasn’t worried.  I mean, I was pregnant!  Pregnant women are supposed to be big right?! 

6weeks after Ethan was born, I went for my checkup at the gynae and I’d lost 16kgs.  I was happy, over the moon and quite chuffed with myself even though I had absolutely nothing to do with the weight loss.  I have no idea what bubble I was living in when I thought that I only had, and would easily lose, 2.5kgs in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but what was even worse was that I thought that I’d have to do absolutely nothing to lose it and that in no time, it would just fall off (losing weight while breastfeeding comes to mind here!).  I continued eating exactly as I’d been eating during pregnancy and it just never stopped – in fact, it got worse.  Tired…eat.  Hungry…eat.  Peckish…eat.  Free time…eatBORED, EAT!!!! 

In December 2012, we did a family photoshoot and the results shocked me.  I couldn’t believe how huge I looked in the shoot and of course, my encouraging mother told me this, maybe in not so many words, straight to my face which resulted in lots of tears but was definitely my motivation to start bootcamp and then gym last year.  Unfortunately, even though I got fitter, my weight stayed pretty much the same as I continued to eat whatever my heart desired.  I’m talking a chocolate a day without even feeling guilty!  Even a slab sometimes…

And then reality hit me hard when I fitted on that size.14.dress!!!!  What a shock.  It definitely pushed me to start eating better and to start gyming more.  With the help of my sister, I’ve been on a tough gym programme.  I’m not on a diet as I just don’t like the idea of depriving yourself of everything and then reaching your goal, starting to eat everything again and packing on the weight (and then some) all over again!  But I’m definitely for the idea of eating better. 

I’ve cut out all luxuries – sweets, chocolates, chips, alcohol, fruit juices.  I have had a glass or two of wine for my sister’s birthday and at a braai over the weekend and a small Coke at the movies the last two weekends because really, who can have popcorn without Coke!  But overall, I’ve been really good.  I’ve cut down my portions and at night, I steer away from carbs.  I haven’t stuck to that completely, but in general, it’s worked relatively well.  My plan is to get my body used to eating better.  I’ve been stuck in a rut of bingeing!  My body craves the chocolate, the caffeine in Coke, the sugar and I need to stop that.  We’re going to two weddings in the next two months and I have a lot of other “social engagements” on the cards.  I’m tired of wearing the same baggy pants and shirts to hide my weight.  I’m tired of only having two or three options of clothes – well, those are the only clothes I feel comfortable with.  I’m tired  of walking around the house in sweatpants every day.  I’m tired of the “plumbers crack” that I keep on having to hide because my jeans are the right size to fit over my gut but way too big under my belly and so I constantly have to pull my pants up 😦  This has got to stop! 

Fortunately, I’m well on my way.  In two weeks (I’m super proud to say), I’ve already lost 2.5kgs and I’m hoping to lose a lot more.  This is it…I can do it!!!!  🙂


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