My life over the last two weeks has been incredibly stressful.  Actually, it’s been stressful for more than two weeks, but the buildup over the last two weeks has been emotionally draining!

So, to take you back a bit…remember J, our “Mary Poppins” nanny?  Well, she went off on leave on the 13th of December for three weeks and travelled to Lesotho as she usually does over Christmas.  We were in contact with her once or twice over the Christmas period to wish her a Happy Christmas and to find out how her holiday was going – after all, she is part of our family.  When she came back on the 6th of January, I could clearly see that she had lost lots of weight!  I remember noticing it that morning but I didn’t say anything directly to her.  I let her tell me all about her holiday and I tried to ease Ethan back into the fact that I was leaving for work and that he’d be alone with J all day again.  She told me how wonderful her holiday had been and how relaxed she was but she also told me how she’d had gastro most of the holiday and that she’d pinned it down to drinking the water in Lesotho.  I remember saying to the hubster that I couldn’t believe that she’d lost so much weight (I’m convinced that it was at least 10kgs at that stage!) and that it’s very strange to have gastro for so many weeks.  Added to the gastro was the fact that she had zero appetite and even when she did manage to force herself to eat, nothing stayed down.  Now, I could see that she wasn’t feeling herself but she pushed on with the housework nonetheless. 

A few days after she had come back to work, she went to the chemist to but some medication.  These meds made no difference at all and after I got quite a big scare with both Ethan and the hubster having a bout of the “runs”, I decided to take her to the doctor myself.  The doctor diagnosed her with severe gastro and dehydration and put her on antibiotics.  He said that after a few days, she’d be feeling much better and if she wasn’t, she’d need to be admitted to hospital to be put on a drip for the dehydration.  To cut a long story short, three boxes of meds later, antibiotics and two clinic visits later, J still wasn’t feeling better and had in fact deteriorated to such a state that she could barely walk.  And she’s gotten worse over the last few days.  Right now, she’s so ill that she’s been hospitalised! 😦 

Of course, all of this leaves us in a serious predicament.  We have a 2year old son and no nanny!  Added to that of course is the fact that we have very serious limited leave and no support structure in Johannesburg so being “nanny-less” is HUGE for us!!  Now, those of you who follow my blog will have read in this post – Super Nanny (number 4)... – about my nanny drama and how J is our fourth nanny which we found after some serious effort.  The thought of having to find somebody else is physically draining, but of course, it has to be done.  J is in no position to continue working for us and I’m in no position to wait until she possibly gets better. 

So…I started interviewing a few ladies yesterday.  I dread doing this!  I really do.  Fortunately, my mum was around to help out but what really kills me is that sometimes you just know, you know?!  You get a feeling from the minute you see the lady walking up the driveway or how they greet you.  Call it woman’s intuition, maybe?  Then, out of politeness (and of course, remembering that they made the effort to get there for the interview, spent the taxi fare and the time and they really do need work!) you still have to interview them and ask them all these questions when you know this lady isn’t right for you!!  I wish that I could just stand at the gate or get a lineup of people or something and use that as my first level of filter and then take the interviews from there. 

Five interviews later and I’m still not absolutely comfortable.  I have two ladies that are “potentials” – the lady at the top of the list is lovely and both my mum and her like her but I want to be 150% sure!  I don’t know whether another two or another fifty two will ease my mind, but I know that I want to be absolutely undoubtedly convinced that the lady I choose is perfect.


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