So I’m writing this post onboard a Mango flight using their inflight wifi, G Connect.  Now I’m not really a frequent flyer so I’ve heard about this before but haven’t yet given it a try.  I usually carry my Kindle with me especially when I fly alone but this time, I left it at home deciding rather to buy a magazine so that the hubster and I can do the crossword puzzle together (we’re flying sans Ethan for a wedding and DW!) but we were running late today so I had to forfeit the mag in an attempt to make the flight.  At any rate, you can imagine my excitement at being able to log onto the Internet mid-flight and surf the net at a small fee while the hubster is reading the sports section of the newspaper 🙂  What a great service to have onboard!!  Anyhoo, we’re starting our descent to the “mother city” now for our “adults only” weekend so I’m sure I’ll have to turn off my phone soon.  Full pg13 rated post to follow after the weekend xxx


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