Everybody goes through ups and downs in their lives.  There are times when we’re on top of the world, we feel like everything’s going right and like the world’s on our side…and then there are times when we feel down in the dumps, like nothing’s going our way and we even start reassessing our lives. 

Well…the last few weeks, I’ve been on a bit of “downer”.  I think that the combination of Ethan sleeping badly, over gyming (is there even such a thing – I never thought I’d be that person?!) and the hubster and I not being in a good space just made me feel all the more down.  At any rate, after two vitamin B injections, a few good nights’ rest, a break week from gym and patching things up with the hubster as well as celebrating our anniversary on Friday, plus a weekend indoors with absolutely no plans, watching kiddies movies with Ethan while the rain poured continuously outside, was just what the doctor ordered. 

Today I feel refreshed.  Ready to take on the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂

While I lay awake in bed this morning, I thought about all the things that I have to be grateful for.  Here’s my little list;-

–          We celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary on Friday last week.  Married for 5years, together for 13.  Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses and we have our issues (really, which couple doesn’t?!).  The road’s been quite bumpy and we haven’t travelled through it that easily – in fact, we’re still battling as we go along – but we’re still together and for the most part, very much in love 🙂 

–          Our son, Ethan.  The sweetest, funniest little creature on the planet!  My new favourite saying of his is “I love you mummy”.  Yesterday, at nap time, Ethan just couldn’t sleep.  He was very tired – probably over tired I guess – but when it was time to go down, he was doing everything but sleeping until I walked over to his room and gave him a little talking to.  I put him back in his bed (he’d jumped out and was walking around his room playing with his toys) and he looked at me and said “please come and lay with me mummy”.  So I jumped into bed with him, held his hand, and sang to him just like when he was a little baby.  In less than 5minutes, his breathing was slow and shallow, his dummy had fallen out of his mouth and he was fast asleep.  I laid there just looking at him thanking God for the gift of my son and that moment really made my weekend!

–          My parents are coming to Jo’burg on Thursday this week.  We’ve already seen my parents twice this year and we will be seeing them once a month for just about the rest of the year as well, as my dad’s doing a course in Jo’burg.  I speak to my parents (especially my mother) just about every day.  When we’re not speaking over the phone, we’re wassap’ing or texting and once a week or so, we even Skype.  After chatting to my mother for about half an hour yesterday getting all the news on a family wedding that I missed this past weekend, the hubster asked me how I can speak to my mum every day and have so much to say.  I don’t know.  I really don’t know.  We always have so much to say even if we chat every day.  Even though we speak so often and now see each other so often, I’m still very excited about them coming to Jo’burg and in a way, I’m excited for Ethan as well.  He really cherishes his grandparents and I can’t wait for them to spend time with him and see how amazingly he’s growing!

–          The weather!  Yup, it’s been raining in Jo’burg since Saturday morning but I’m really loving the cold, wet weather.  It’s such a refreshing change from the hot, dry weather.  No, I’m not ready for winter yet and I actually do prefer summer, but I’m loving the rain 🙂  Thankfully, we have a roof over our heads and clothes and blankets to keep us warm!

Today, take some time to think about it.  What do you have to be grateful for?


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