Just over a month ago (I cannot believe a month’s already passed!), I was looking for something “different” to do for my birthday.  I had googled a few places, but couldn’t quite find anything that “fit the bill” until I came across pictures of a friend who’d spent the day at Katy’s Palace Bar.  From the pictures and after looking at their website and reading a few people’s reviews about the place, I thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate my birthday.  I immediately contacted the place and was seriously disappointed when a lady came back to me saying that they only booked it out as a private venue.  Now I really didn’t want to do that – firstly, I had only asked a handful of friends to join me, it didn’t warrant booking an entire venue out?! and secondly, this wasn’t a BIG birthday, it was just another year you know!!!  I did, however, find out from a friend that the place is open on the first Sunday of every month.  There’s a craft market there and you can have drinks and food and relax at your leisure.  So this place has been on the cards for a few months now.  When I found out about it in February, I’d just missed the first Sunday of the month and then in March, we were in Cape Town.  So over the past weekend, I made sure to include it in our weekend plans so that I could finally go and see Katy’s Palace Bar. 

The name alone had me excited!!  And then there is the plus that it’s located in Kramerville.  Now, like many other people I’ve mentioned this to, I also thought that Kramerville was somewhere in the South (read: a great trek from the Northern suburbs where we currently stay which would probably have to include patkos and some reserve cash for the large amount of petrol it would take to drive all the way to that side of Jo’burg) but lo and behold, it’s right here in Sandton.  So straight after church on Sunday morning, we mo-zied on over, and to my delight, the place was packed!  The vibe was amazing and clearly, this place is the new “in thing”.  The craft market had lots of “different”/”artsy” things from African paintings and statues to old chairs that can be refurbished and antique-y type furniture.  The goods were quite pricey but I really enjoyed browsing and getting some ideas.  Then there was the food/drinks area – an open area with a balcony that overlooks the Sandton area.  There didn’t seem to be much choice for food options – either salads and veggies or cupcakes and cakes – but I don’t think that the point is to sit down and have a full on Sunday lunch.  The decor is very “vintage” with the tables and chairs mismatched and for me, it really added to the vibe.  There was also loud music playing and it really did feel very festive.

Right across the road, there’s another market, the name of which I didn’t quite get.  It’s above a shop called Egg – yes, EGG?!?! and there’s a variety of clothes and jewellery there with a few furniture shops on the floor below.  The “vibe” is very much the same as Katy’s Palace Bar and definitely a place I’d visit again. 

So I’ve already got our next visit planned.  The next first Sunday of the month, the 4th of May 🙂  Will you be joining me???


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