My child is a genius! Seriously, I’m absolutely convinced that he is. Ok, ok, I’m his mother, I am may be seriously just a teeny weeny bit biased, but I’m just putting it out there. In 5years time, when my child is starting varsity at the age of 7, don’t say I didn’t tell you so…hahaha, just kidding. But seriously, I’m blown away by Ethan every day. At the things he does (he can draw a circle?!, colour in between the lines when we ask him to – ‘cos who’d want to colour in the lines all the time when it’s sooooo much fun just to scribble – and he holds his pen perfectly), the things he says (he speaks fluently and amazes me every day – he calls me “babe” and his dad “love” when he’s not getting our attention, cute hey?! and just this morning over the phone asked where his dad is, where his Aunty Andy is and then told me to have a great day and that he’d see me later) and the way he learns so quickly. I mean, he’s two and a half and we can tell him something complicated today and he just doesn’t forget it!! He can sing almost every song of every show on Disney Junior and Cee Beebies (no idea how you spell that?!) and he can even hum the background tune when he doesn’t know the words in key nogal. This child is incredible, seriously! Anyway, I digress…

In December last year, we decided that Ethan was old enough to start potty training. Now, my parents (over achievers??) had been asking since he was about a year and half as to when we were going to start as they thought he was ready. I must admit, I had no idea what “when he was ready” meant and I was very skeptical about starting potty training more because of the schlep of actually doing it rather than the idea of having to start doing something brand new that I had never done before. I asked around and got friends’ and families’ opinions, bought the potty, the toilet seat and prepped Ethan by constantly telling him what a big boy he is and how big boys use the potty and we set a date to start the potty training. Three weeks after said start date – my child happily told every person he came across how big boys use the potty…but he just wouldn’t do it. He refused to even sit on the potty AND the toilet and would rather hold in his wee than go to the loo on either one. It was extremely frustrating for me, resulted in lots of cleaning up and eventually, we threw in the towel and decided that perhaps he wasn’t ready after all, especially after we realized that he’d developed a fear of both the potty and the toilet!

Over the last few weeks, I googled potty training, again asked around as to how others did it, and we decided that we were going to start training straight after our PE holiday which was the week before last. We got back and I decided to first get him settled back into routine of being home  (read here: I was scared to start the process all again!) before throwing him into the deep end with the potty training again and so our new start date (attempt number 2) was set for Monday the 7th, yesterday. I, however, decided to move the date to Sunday as I wanted to be the one to ease him into it on his first day. Sunday afternoon was quite a success, as not only did we manage to get him sitting on the actual toilet (I put the potty away last week already deciding that using the toilet would just be better instead of transitioning him to the potty and then later onto the toilet – great advice from my cousin and best friend 🙂 ) but we got him to successfully wee twice and during the day, we only had two accidents.

Fast forward to yesterday…I got home and tentatively asked the nanny how the toilet training went expecting her to tell me how Ethan refused to sit on the toilet and how she’d been cleaning up after him all day. I couldn’t believe it when she said he’d had no accidents and used the toilet every time he needed to go during the day. I was really impressed! Yesterday evening, I asked Ethan when he was going to make a poo (funny how talking about wee and poo doesn’t even cause me to flinch now that I’m a mum!)…his response…I already did. So I asked oh, okay, when. And he said…tomorrow. Lo and behold, I called the nanny this morning to ask how it was going and she said perfectly – he’d even made a poo!!!

And just like that, Ethan is toilet trained. Quite clearly, he was “ready” this time around.  I’m sure there’ll be plenty of accidents and I know that we still need to lose the night nappy, but for now, this is more than good enough, a real achievement and I’m proud as punch of my big boy 🙂 🙂 🙂


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