As is the case with most kids, I grew up loving my parents but could never understand why they did or said certain things. And I’m not talking here about not allowing me to go out or not being able to hang out with so-and-so when she was “cool”…I’m talking about not allowing us to EAT (more specifically) and drink certain things. Now, most of you who know me know that I absolutely love food. There’s nothing that I don’t eat (okay, maybe raw meat?!) and there are few things that I won’t allow myself to have. In fact, if I feel like eating something, I generally go out and buy it (if it’s not already in my bag or cupboard at home) and do just that…eat it!!

Growing up, I remember a number of things that we weren’t allowed to eat. The first thing that springs to mind is breakfast. Where I do remember us having things like Coco Pops and Rice Krispies on the odd occasion, I remember my parents always punting “healthier breakfasts” like All-Bran/Corn Flakes/Pronutro/Weetbix…the gross cereals that had hardly any flavor. I vaguely remember having Rice Krispies with tiny little marshmallows in them – those were my favourite! But again, I don’t remember that being an everyday breakfast in our house. The same goes for toast in the morning.  Toast was definitely not an option, especially in the week before school (even up to matric!).  Toast was only an option if we were feeling nauseas – dry toast and black tea.  Of course, when I got “bigger” and moved out of the house, breakfast was often something as simple as CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM – yes! chocolate ice-cream 🙂 

A few of the other things that I can recall that I really wanted as a child and very rarely got was super moo milkshakes (now branded as Super M?!), tinkies and sweetie pies.  Every visit to Hyper for grocery shopping involved me begging my mum or dad to buy us one of those and I recall them very often saying no.  In fact, I very rarely recall me asking and them immediately saying yes.  Although, having said that, I do recall having pie and chips before a monthly grocery shop at Hyper very often at the food restaurante that used to be at the Hyper by the sea in Durban – it was amazeballs and probably why I wasn’t allowed a “treat”.  I can imagine my mum probably having said something like – we’ve just had lunch, there’s no need for you to have a milkshake now!!!

Now, I’ve never been a small built person so who knows, perhaps my parents just did this hoping to curb my ever increasing figure (I swear I went from a size 13-14 at the age of 10 straight to a size 34) or maybe they truly felt like I should be eating healthy and getting a good “food base” instead of eating junk constantly, but those things are very clear in my mind as things that I was “deprived of” during my childhood!

Sandwiches were also never my favourite especially my dad’s awful combinations. Peanut butter and jam – hate, hate, hated that! Jam and cheese – seriously?! Who eats that??!!!! I’d much rather have just had toast with fishpaste or cheese than one of his choices.  On top of that, my mum would often made stews.  Irish stew – g-roosssssssssss!!!!!!!  That one even haunts me into my adult life.  Stew is a very rare meal option in our house.  If we have one stew every six months, it’s a lot!

Fast forward a few years on…these days, everybody in my family (including myself!) eats Weetbix for breakfast. In fact, we buy the bulk box so that there’s always enough. Ethan can easily eat two bricks for breakfast! And last Saturday, snuggled under the blankets with Ethan and hubby, watching a movie, I made us…peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch!! Can you believe it!!! Years on and I’m eating all the things that my father tried to get me to eat as a child and funny enough – not only am I choosing to eat them, but I’m even enjoying them. Sometimes my father does knows best afterall 🙂 🙂 🙂


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