Tomorrow, Ethan’s leaving with my parents – going back with them to Durban for 10days or so. Now, he’s been with them (without us) and stayed in Durban on his own with them on quite a number of occasions – the first one when he was one year old – but he’s never gone for such a long period of time. Previously, it’s always been a week. Yea, yeah, I know, it’s only 3days more. But the three days feel like a seriously long amount of extra time!

I think what makes it worse this time around (well, for me at least) is that he’s particularly attached to me at this moment in time. I’m not sure if it’s just a period that he’s going through or if it has something to do with sensing and starting to understand that there’s another baby on the way – but he’s literally attached to me at the hip. He does everything with mummy, he constantly asks for me and he includes me in just about everything that he does. It’s gotten to the point where he even refuses to do things with the hubster and doesn’t hesitate to give back a cheeky response to the likes of – no, I want mummy to do it or no, go away daddy. Seriously?!

While I’m thoroughly enjoying this age that he’s at and lavishing the, it’s also totally exhausting. I’m of course going through the first trimester endless tiredness phase which makes it even worse. I wake up tired, I yawn endlessly at work and the first thing I think about when I walk into the house is how far away bedtime is.

Having said all that, I also need some “adult time” with the hubster. We can’t even have a decent conversation in peace when Ethan’s awake. He’s at that age where if you’re not talking to him – he WILL shout, try and butt him and swing the attention towards himself! Conversation for the adults in the house, usually happens over wassap (yes, we’re that couple!!) or after Ethan goes to bed and nine times out of ten, that conversation is only about Ethan anyway. Yes, I know it won’t be much different when he’s away and we’ll probably talk about him even more when he’s not around, but we’ll have so much more time that even if we talk about Ethan most of the time, we’ll STILL have other time to chat about other stuff.

Every time Ethan leaves to go away with my folks, my heart always goes heavy. I tear up when I say goodbye, and five minutes after he’s left, I’m always saying how quiet it is without him and wondering whether he’s also thinking about us…so I assume this time will be no different. But as much of a holiday as it’ll be for Ethan (they have the beach lined up, bike riding, go carts, games etc.), I know it’ll be a holiday for us too!! Ten.whole.days of just relaxing being together, just the two of us. Two completely free weekends. This weekend, I fully intend on just lazing around in bed. I want to sleep when I want, doze in front of the tv and read if I so feel. I want to order take-out and snack on whatever I feel like without having to limit the junk we’re eating so that Ethan doesn’t eat too much rubbish or wait until he’s sleeping to start “pigging out”. I want the hubster to have the option of watching whatever he’d like and putting the tv up to whatever volume he pleases instead of tiptoeing around because Ethan can’t fall asleep. I just really want to take it easy. Next weekend is a whole other weekend and if we so feel, we may go away for a night or two but we’ll just see how it goes. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a change of scenery and routine to relax you.  

Yes, I’ll be at work all week next week. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough leave to really laze around and do absolutely diddly squat – but I know that when I get home, I can get straight under the covers. I have a ladies’ dinner planned mid-week and dinner with friends on Friday. I’ve already warned the hubster that dinner will probably constitute samis or two minute noodles should we not eat out or take in. I’m sure that being the person I am, that’s one thing I want to do that I won’t stick to i.e. I’m pretty sure I’ll still cook every night, but you know what, the option’s there if I want it.

The next few days is going to be pure bliss and while I know that I’ll miss Ethan terribly, I also know that both myself and the hubster really need this break. Here’s to our mini holiday 🙂


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