Is there anyone who doesn’t stall going to the dentist for days, sometimes even weeks?!  I’ve always had really good teeth!  Okkkk, I did have a few rotten teeth as a child (I clearly remember the tooth fairy leaving a note with not a single cent when I was little saying that my tooth was too rotten for him to do anything with so he couldn’t give me any money) and a filling or two at every other dentist appointment, but generally, I had very few tooth related complaints and a good set of pearly whites which I gladly flashed in family photos 🙂 

So my semi-annual dental visits were never much of a fuss until my first pregnancy.  During my pregnancy, I recall having a few toothaches here and there but nothing major.  I clearly remember avoiding the dentist completely as I thought that I couldn’t get any injections and I wasn’t prepared to get any dentistry done sans some serious drugs!  A few months after Ethan was born, I plucked up the courage to visit the dentist and almost tried to convince him to go the route of dentures after being told that I needed TEN fillings!!!  Three two hour sessions later, five or so fillings and a bill of a few thousands of rands (the joys of going to a  dentist contracted out of medical aid), I decided that the balance of my fillings could be done at a later stage (read: unless they caused me severe pain…NEVER!!!!).  


So I happily plodded along pain and drama free for the last year or so and the dentist was the furthest thought from my mind mostly because I knew that I still needed at least five fillings.  That’s until I fell pregnant again!  You know how a lot of woman say that the baby depletes your calcium?  Well clearly that’s what happened with my first pregnancy, but lo and behold – it seems to be happening again!!!  I have a tooth that clearly needs a filling (sensitive to cold = filling! or so the dentist says) and then there’s a molar right at the back of my mouth that’s BROKEN…yes, broken…and not once but TWICE in the last two weeks.  


After a few weeks of serious pain, I eventually put on my big girl panties and headed over to the dentist this afternoon.  First trimester = no x-rays so tooth in need of a filling must unfortunately just hang in there as the dentist (bless her soul) is not happy just to do a filling blindly and hope for the best without having done x-rays to find the root of the problem.  After half an hour of laying with my chin up, my mouth wide open (trying rather unsuccessfully to keep my tongue from rolling back into the drill or drowning on my own saliva…what does that sunction pipe actually do??!!!), a pair of hands, a drill and an instrument necessary for holding my gum down stuck inside my mouth, my filling was finally done!  Of course, I have to go back for round two of torture once I can have x-rays and who knows what else will happen to my teeth during the rest of my pregnancy, but for now, I’m glad that I don’t have to see the dentist for a few more weeks!!!! 





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