So, Ethan’s been away for twelve whole days on holiday with his nana and grandpa in Durban. Now, he’s been away before but only for seven or eight days at a time. The only reason that he went for so long this time (no, I do not advocate pawning off one’s child to anybody for so long no matter who the people are or how tired a person is!!) is because my folks were in Jo’burg the week before last after a trip to the UK and this week, my dad needs to be here for a course that he’s doing so it made no sense for either of us to do the Jo’burg/Durban trip in between for want of a few days. Besides that, I really really really needed a break and what a better time than now – while I’m experiencing all the first trimester terrible-ness…constant tiredness, a bit of morning sickness every other day, stomach cramps from my growing tummy and all those nice things that you seem to forget about after your first pregnancy!

So what did we do for the twelve days? Literally nothing! Well, besides work of course. We had two child free weekends and although I was adamant to go away for at least one – I always feel that just sitting at home does not make for a change and getting out of the house even if it’s for a night or two really makes a world of difference when you feel like you need to recharge – that just didn’t happen. I cooked a lot less. No, I didn’t boycott the kitchen because let’s be honest…these days, it’s just too expensive to be eating out every.single.night. The odd night here or there won’t break the budget but for twelve nights in a row…I think not!! I went out for a ladies dinner with my sister and a friend. The hubster and I tried to do movies but that failed as there wasn’t anything on at the movies that we were interested in seeing. Again, movies be expensive y’all. We were not prepared to watch anything just for the sake of it. So instead, we walked around the mall, had lunch, played some pool in a nice little bar that we discovered for the first time over the weekend. My sister and I had a sleep over while the hubster had a boys’ night out. The hubster and I went to dinner with friends. The hubster even joined me at a flea market over one of the weekends – can you believe it! And I did A LOT of lounging on the couch. Watching rubbish on tv, eating junk, chatting and catching up without having to try and squeeze in a word around Ethan talking non-stop or the kids from next door running in and out of the yard looking for Ethan. It was good, really good. I also slept a lot!! Early just about every night and I napped on both days of both weekends – naps I didn’t have to wait to co-incide with Ethan’s naps, but naps that I could take any time of the day 🙂 It was pure bliss.

Having said that though, we missed Ethan terribly. In fact, on Saturday morning, after watching two movies all on my own as the hubster slept like a freaking log until past 10 (who in the world sleeps that late???? I’ve NEVER slept till 10…I on the othe hand was up at 7am but that’s what you get for going to bed at 9pm – 10hours sleep…wow!), I literally sat in tears thinking of Ethan and how much I was missing him. It sounds silly, I know, but wait until your child/children are apart from you for so long. I miss every.little.thing about him – even the 5:30am Saturday mornings…okay, maaayyyyybbbbbeeeeeee I didn’t really miss that, haha!! So you can imagine how I’m looking forward to seeing him today when he gets home. They should be on the road in the next two hours and I’m leaving work early today so that when master Howe gets home, I’m there waiting with open arms to give him hugs and kisses 🙂 🙂 🙂


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