A lot of pregnancy “quirks” are viewed as just that to many people (especially my dad!)…not real but just things that are made up in the mind! Well, let me tell you, I’m living proof that porridge brain really does exist. If anybody was ever skeptical about it, my actions this weekend definitely proved it. Well, that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it. The hubster, on the other hand, may just beg to differ!!

Last week Thursday was my dad’s 60th birthday so off we headed to Durban for the long weekend to join in the birthday festivities and to be with him on his special day. For a change this year, my dad knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday and so, of course, we obliged and got him exactly that. Usually, his requests are just biltong and nuts so as not to deviate too much from the “norm”, my mum bought those little goodies as a fathers’ day gift for him from the girls. Sometime last week, she called me to tell me that she was going to do this and I remember thinking that it didn’t really matter to me as we wouldn’t be there for fathers’ day and my plan all along was just to get something off Netflorist and have it delivered to him (something biltong and nut-ish) so her gift idea was just fine. This should have been my first clue but noooooo, my brain just didn’t catch on. In my mind, I was thinking that fathers’ day was only on the 21st of June, not realizing that the 1st of June was actually a Sunday (mothers’ day is always the second Sunday of May and fathers’ day the third Sunday of June in case you didn’t know!) and so we would very much be there for fathers’ day. As a result of course, I hadn’t gotten anything for the hubster either, all along thinking that I’d get something this week!

Like father like son

Like father like son

Saturday evening came along and we were all sitting around the table having dinner when somebody mentioned something about fathers’ day. My immediate reaction was shock-horror-disbelief as I was corrected when I said “but fathers’ day is only next weekend” only to be told that it was in fact TOMORROW. I glanced over at the hubster who was at this stage highly amused. You see, I’ve given him some serious upheaval before for not going through the effort of getting something for me for mothers’ day and this year, he really did pull out all the stops, so you can imagine my serious embarrassment at not having a single thing to give him – not even a card – on behalf of our loving son and baby on the way.

Roll on Sunday morning…I was laying quietly in bed, everybody was sleeping in the house, and not even Facebook nor the article of fathers’ day in the newspaper jogged my memory as to the fact that it was in fact fathers’ day in South Africa as well (duh!!)! I laid trying to figure out in which country it was being celebrated. Finally, the penny dropped when I saw a picture of two Springboks and their children on the front page of the paper!!! Talk about being tardy.

Circus time

Circus time

After Sunday mass, we headed off to the mall for a quick breakfast (sans the hubster who was trying to catch up on some sleep after the late World Cup game – how are men coping with work every morning???) before we hit the road for our trip back to Jo’burg. I grabbed this opportunity with two hands and rushed into Clicks to buy the hubster a male groomer that he’d mentioned that he’d wanted along with a few treats in a giftbag (a brand new one, not a recycled one!!). Not only did I manage to tear the bag at the till (oh well, no recycling of that one now), but I also quickly threw the slip away as Ethan was tugging at my arm for his sweeties and I was rushing back to breakfast with the familia. Big mistake!

When we got back home, Ethan rushed over to give the hubster the gift. He opened it all smiles and with the usual “ah, you shouldn’t have” – he was actually seriously polite about it (perhaps it was because my folks were around and he didn’t want to embarrass me?!) especially as he apparently has the exact.same groomer at home. It gets worse…I bought it for him…and worse still…FOR FATHER’S DAY LAST YEAR!!!!

Yup, this has got to be my worst performance ever. Totally blaming the porridge brain on this one. I do have something small up my sleeve planned for today which I’m hoping will redeem me, but this definitely goes down in my books as an epic fail!


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