Death is inevitable – we all know that we’re going to die one day – some sooner than others, nobody lives forever! So why is it that when somebody dies, it’s like a sucker punch in the gut?!

Remember this post over here – The Nanny Diaries – where I blogged about our sick nanny and that we had to let her go. Well, she passed away at 12 noon yesterday. Yes, we knew she was ill. Yes, we didn’t expect her to make a full recovery or rather, we knew that her days were numbered and that she’d probably die from the illness. But we didn’t expect it to be this soon. Not only was she healthy (well, outwardly so) a mere six months ago, but she was absolutely oblivious to the fact that she was even ill!

Jeanette was part of our family. Ethan’s first full time, live-in nanny. She was with us for a year and a half and in that time, we couldn’t have been more happy. In fact, when she had to go, it was really tough for us and all candidates that we interviewed for the job of live-in nanny were compared to her as we didn’t want to settle for anything less. We knew her family. We’d had her grandson over on more than one occasion to play with Ethan. When her second grandson was born, we sent gifts for mummy and baby. She updated us on numerous occasions on the progress of her son’s studies, the going-ons at home and it was almost like through her, we were part of her family as well. I remember her saying often when we gave her old clothes, goodies that we no longer had a use for or sent gifts home for the kids for Christmas, that her family always said we must really like her a lot.

Since she’s left us, I’ve kept in touch with her son, constantly asking after her and finding out whether there’d been any progress. In the last few days, Ethan’s been asking after her a lot and I meant to get in contact with her son again but then he called first yesterday evening to tell us the sad news of her passing. He came over last night to pick up the remainder of her things that were still at our place because as custom has it, they need to have all her belongings together when she passes on before the funeral. The poor child was heartbroken. Younger than me and his mother a year younger than my own, I cannot even begin to imagine what he must be going through. Jeanette did everything for them. He, being the youngest, is currently studying. His mum often told me stories of how she had ONE dress – all she owned – because she didn’t have money for anything else with all her money going to her kids for food and education. She was a single mum from a young age as her husband passed on and she really lived and worked for her kids alone!

It’s hard for me to think that Jeanette is no longer with us. A loving caring mum and woman with a heart of gold – she’s moved on to be with our heavenly Father and is no longer in pain. Please pray with me for her family as her three young children take on the responsibility of organizing her funeral in Lesotho – that the Lord God will give them comfort in this time and hold their hands as they try and be strong for each other.

Rest in peace Jeanette xxx  You will be sorely missed by all.


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