So, Ethan has swimming lessons every Saturday morning. He’s been going to swimming since he was about 9months old, but we’ve only been at the swim school at the gym for about 6/7months now. There were various reasons why we left his previous swim school but the swim school at the gym specifically attracted me for a number of reasons;-

  1. The temperature of the pool would be maintained and monitored on a more regular basis (at the previous swim school, we spent many a Saturday morning in icy water as the landlord wouldn’t budge on fixing the pump or he thought that water temperature of 25degrees in winter was fine?!),
  2. The gym is closer to home whereas the previous swim school was double the distance,
  3. I already gym at the gym and there’d be the added benefit of Club V which Ethan could go to after swimming and ad hoc in the week when I need to workout (this so far hasn’t quite worked as my child is stuck to my hip but he has played a few times with mum at Club V as well 🙂 ), and
  4. There’s plenty of parking, a place to eat breakfast after swimming and the pool is much larger than the one at the previous school (all these are kind of added benefits and weren’t deal breakers but influenced my decision to move).

At any rate, swimming’s been going quite well and swimming on Saturdays has now become a mummy and Ethan morning. When Ethan was younger, the hubster always joined us at swimming because trying to get a baby out of the pool, get him done, as well as get yourself done sometime in between or after proved quite challenging. As Ethan got bigger, it’s become a lot easier as firstly, he can just swim around in the pool if he wants to while I dry off, but also, he’s able to stand around and occupy himself outside the pool while I get done.  Needless to say, the hubster has happily resorted to staying at home and having Saturdays mornings to himself while Ethan and I mozy along to the gym on our own.

Ethan and I now have a Saturday morning routine that takes at least 2hours. We get done at home in the morning which usually entails him having breakfast unless he sleeps late (which very seldom happens!). I get done while the hubster brushes his teeth, hair, washes his face etc. and Ethan leaves for swimming in his pjs. Swimming is from 8:30 – 9. We usually arrive around 10minutes before and get into the water together and splash around in the water for a bit before the lesson. Then we swim for at least 15minutes afterwards. After a serious fight to get out of the water (this usually happens every Saturday without fail – do you know any kid who doesn’t like being in the water??) we rush to the bathroom wrapped in our towels and we have a shower. If the showers are empty, we each have our own shower which is the highlight of Ethan’s morning! Thereafter, he plays in the kiddies play area, Club V, while I sit and watch and ooh and aah at everything he does. This is usually followed by breakfast at Kauai and then it’s home james.

Quite recently, I noticed the sign on the bathroom door which says that boys over the age of 3 are not allowed in the ladies’ bathroom. Ethan is just 5months off from 3years old and we’ve decided to continue swimming until he can swim properly all on his own so clearly, he’ll be doing swimming well past the age of 3 which makes me wonder how in the world we’re going to get done after swimming?? I mean, if he’s not allowed in the ladies’ bathroom, does that mean he has to change himself in the mens’ bathroom or do I have to change him in the swimming area. Now, there are changing cubicles right next to the pool, but there isn’t a shower and it’s so much nicer having a shower after swimming lessons especially in winter! I have already toyed with the idea of the hubster taking over swimming lessons in the new year once baby comes along. This will avoid the bathroom issue as then the two of them can use the mens’ bathroom and shower together there, but at the same time, I think that this is one of those things that I’d like to carry on with Ethan as “our time”. So I was thinking that baby can stay at home with the hubster while we go to swimming.

That of course means that we won’t be able to shower in the ladies’ bathroom which got me thinking…how old is too old?! I mean, where do you draw the line. If your son baths with you to age 5 (just using an example – the same applies for a daughter bathing with her father), he’s seen your lady bits so why is the age restriction there and how did they decide on the age. I really think that at the age of 3, kids are incapable of dressing themselves and so I’d definitely feel the need to be with him in the change room but the gym rules will prohibit this from happening.

I guess this will apply in other areas of life as well though as Ethan gets older and not only to the gym. The converse is true as well – how young is too young – especially with the issue that I’m grappling with in my mind at the moment…when to send Ethan to crèche…but that’s a post for another day…


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  1. MamaCat says:

    I think 3 might be a bit young still. I used to shower with my little boy, but I do not do it anymore, because I like having the shower to myself.
    I think too old is when one of you start to feel uncomfortable and it does not work in your family anymore.

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