My sister’s coming to visit tomorrow 🙂  I feel like a kid the night before Christmas!!!!!   So my sister’s basically lived in Jo’burg for the last few years and she recently left for Durban for some work. She’s been undecided as to when she’s returning but we’ve chatted everyday on wassap like we usually do and even skyped in between.

I’m not sure who misses her more – Ethan or myself. Poor child asks about her constantly and every time they chat, he asks when she’s coming to his house. You see, when she was living here (she only left like two weeks ago but it seriously feels like months!!!), we saw her twice a week at least. Once a week, she picked Ethan up during the day and they spent the day together. So Ethan’s used to spending an afternoon with his aunty every week – now he hasn’t seen her at all for the last two weeks. So she called this morning to say that she’s coming tomorrow evening and she’s spending the night at our place. I cannot wait! The things we take for granted hey. Only a few more hours then I get to see her – yay!!!! Can’t wait to see you Lau xxx

Ethan and Aunty Lau

Ethan and Aunty Lau


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