After two good nights and a restful, relaxing day with another one laying ahead in Hartenbos (about half an hour from George) with my best friend of about 8years…I’m laying in bed this morning thinking about how much I’m greatful for! Afterall, few people are as blessed as I am to be able to get away for a weekend of pure rest and relaxation 🙂

– I’m grateful for my husband…the loving, caring and trustworthy man that I’ve been married to for over five years. Yes, we have our moments where we don’t like each other so much, but this man let me get away for the weekend knowing that the break was much needed. He looked after Ethan, sacrificed his soccer on Friday night due to what one can call a family emergency and took up the proverbial reigns so to speak to keep our home together this weekend, all so that I could get some “downtime”.
– I’m grateful for my son who’s growing up so nicely. A real mummy’s boy most of the time who only cried once this weekend, missing his mum. Who’s healthy and a real pleasure to be with. He made his dad’s weekend enjoyable and also slept like a star, he’s a real gem.
– I’m grateful for the good job I have (I may feel different tomorrow when I have to go into work at 7am 😉 )…without it, I wouldn’t have a good salary and would have been unable to fly all the way over here for the weekend.
– I’m grateful for friendships. Although my really good friendships are few and far between, this one is a friendship that I value dearly. After meeting my friend at my first job, we continued our friendship across two cities and years later, we’re still very much apart of each others lives. We e-mail almost daily even if just to say hi, message frequently sharing videos and pictures of our boys and what I love about this friend most of all, is that I can be myself at all times with her!
– I’m grateful for the gift if life. That myself and those near to me have been given another precious day on this wonderful earth. That the baby growing inside me (who we’ve spent most of the weekend trying to find a name for!) is growing well and will, in 4months time, be born into my already wonderful family. For the birds singing outside at this early hour of the morning, also getting to experience another day that God has made.
– I’m grateful for “downtime” – time to unwind, relax, regroup and just breathe. Being a wife, mum, fulltime career woman, sister, daughter and friend can be exhausting and challenging at the best of times. This weekend was purely for me to get a break. I’ve eaten myself to a standstill (because what fun is a weekend away without good food and snacks…I must admit, I AM missing the wine!!), I’ve talked non-stop but most of all, I’ve enjoyed myself and I’m definitely feeling relaxed.

With another day ahead of me in this little dorpie today, I am too blessed to be stressed. Have a great Sunday all xxx


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