So, this week is my last week driving to work all on my lonesome. I’ve mostly driven to work all on my own except for that one horrid year (I’ve kind of erased it from my mind…kind of…) when the hubster and I had just moved to Jo’burg and decided to sell one vehicle to settle some of our debt and drive to work together every day. THE worst decision of my life (selling the car that is)…okay, maybe I’m being a bit OTT but seriously, it was a bad decision which resulted in some serious misery!

At any rate, back to my story. So…I’m really looking forward to my new passenger travelling with me. He’s one of my favourite people in the whole entire world…my little boy Ethan 🙂  Next week is his very first week of school and although we’ve been trying to psych him up and get him all excited to start, I don’t think that the enormity of it will really sink in for either of us (yes, I’m preparing myself too…I hear that a lot of the time, there’s more tears from mummy…reminder to self: no mascara or eye liner next week Monday!!) until the actual day arrives. Mister is all very excited about it. He’s been telling his friends in the complex, telling B (his nanny) and telling nana and grandpa every time we speak to them. Okay, this has a lot to do with mum making him tell them but I really feel that if we try and get him all excited, it will hopefully go down better. Ethan is a real mummy’s boy so I’m expecting no less than a serious emotional breakdown couple of baby crocodile tears for a few weeks days at least, no matter how excited we try to make him! He also seems to be under the impression that dad is going to stay with him at school – no matter how much we tell him otherwise, he’s convinced that this is how it’s going to go down!  Wow, it’s going to be a big shock to his system!!

This is HUGE guys. I was thinking about it this morning on my way to work. My last Monday morning driving alone. Ethan’s last week at home with B. Can you imagine what a change this is going to be for my little guy? All he’s ever known is being at home with all his own toys and no other little bodies around so all attention’s been on him for the past two and a half years. This also changes his routine quite drastically and he’s very routine driven especially when it comes to sleeping. We’re starting him off with half day which means that he’ll only sleep when he gets home from school which should be around 1-ish. He usually goes to bed for two hours at around 12. Should I wake him up after an hour of sleeping from next week, or should I just let him sleep for as long as he wants…and how will this affect his night time sleeping (of which we’re currently having basically none of at any rate, grrr)?!?! All these things to think about!

Right now, our little camper is not so happy. He has croup 😦  Mummy has barely slept for three nights in a row so it’s been a great start to my week! As a parent, one of the most heartbreaking things is to see your child sick and not be able to do anything to make them feel better immediately.  Here’s hoping that the meds that the doctor has prescribed clear him up quickly and that he’s A-ok for school next week.

Have a good week all xxx



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