Those of you who don’t like your first name and/or your second name will totally identify with me when I say that when parents choose their children’s name, they need to think veeerrrryyyyyy carefully! Mum, I’m talking to you here 😉  Just kidding!!

Growing up, I was convinced that I was named after my grandparents and I felt seriously aggrieved by it. You see, my grandfather’s name is Joseph (close to Jodie right?! well, growing up, I was convinced that it was a derivative thereof) and my grandmother’s name is Margaret…my second name is (it’s taken me years to say this without feeling embarrassed by it, I kid you not) MARGUERITE!!!!!!! Not only is this name longer than both my first name and my surname combined, but my parents let the priest that baptized me give me this name – a name after a saint apparently – and then proceeded to let me be the only person in my family who had a second name (neither of my sisters, both younger than me, were given any other name other than their beautiful first names – Lauren and Andrea 🙂 ). Anyway…you get where I’m coming from when I say that first and second names are important to me right? You can’t give your child the names Penelope Iris when their surname is Gun as an example (this comes from a rhyme my gran taught us as kids) as all three initials put together are…P.I.G!!! Can you imagine the sheer delight little kids will have with initials like these?! Similary, a name like Rorke (a name that I loved growing up, heaven only knows why!) could easily be turned into a rhyming nickname like…Dork. So, having said all that, I’m sure you get the picture that names are very important to me as I’m sure they are for most people. I mean, afterall, it’s what you’ll be called for the rest of your life.

When I found out that I was pregnant with Ethan, we made a long list of names that we liked for both boys and girls before even knowing our baby’s sex. When the gynae confirmed that it was a boy, we scratched out the girls’ names and had our little boys’ list. Funnily enough, the boys’ list was for some odd reason, a lot shorter than the girls’ list and even funnier, Ethan wasn’t even on the list! In fact, I was reading a novel when I came across the name Ethan and I fell in love with it immediately. The hubster wasn’t too keen, but eventually, over time (I think I nagged non-stop for quite a few days about how much I loved the name 🙂 ), I managed to twist his arm.

So…baby number 2 is on the way. It’s another boy! The moment the gynae confirmed, we took out the list of boys’ names that we had made when I was pregnant with Ethan. I was quite surprised when at first glance, we scratched out at least half of the names we had on the list. We were left with about three or so and so the search began. I have one name in particular that I absolutely love. The problem is, the hubster doesn’t like it at all. Poor dude! Last night, he even said to me – if you love it that much, it’s fine love, let’s name him that – but I feel bad about it. I want him to love the name as much as I do. I probably feel even worse because Ethan was my choice but maybe my names are better…afterall, his suggestions so far have been along the lines of Philemon, Digital and Decimal Howe, hehe.

In all seriousness though, we’ve scoured the net, I’ve chatted to friends and I’m still no closer to making a choice. In addition, I can’t quite find a middle name that matches any of the names that we currently have shortlisted. I’m not sure whether I want this baby to be the only one without a second name in our family??!!! My mum says it’ll make him special but yeah, growing up with Marguerite as my second name and the only one in my family with one, I’m not so sure about that…


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