Wow, things have been busy.  This year is really flying!  I can’t believe that in less than three months time, I’ll be a mama of two…exciting but oh so scary too!!

So life has been busy.  Ok, maybe not so much busy as tiring.  I’m getting heavier and can’t seem to slow the pace although I understand this needs to be done.  

Ethan started creche last week (another post for another day!) and it’s really gone a lot better than I expected.   I expected tantrums and clawing onto mama for dear life, but it’s been a serious breeze.

So, B (our nanny) is on her own at home until 1 every day.  Ethan’s at school only half day at the moment hopefully until the end of the year – in the new year, we’ll switch to full day.  I’m really hoping that I’ll cope with the midday pickups until then.  At any rate, he’s home at 1 and then sleeps for two hours, so really, B is a lady of leisure.   As a result, I’ve been trying to give her something extra to do every day.  Today I asked her to cook dinner – well, cook the meat (she asked if she should boil my beef cubes??!!!!), boil the rice and put the veggies in the microwave.   I took her through what I want last night and I wrote it all down this morning…we’ll see how it goes…pilot phase, day 1 🙂

The hubster is now working from Centurion and now takes the Gautrain to work which is working quite well for him.  He says it’s a real pleasure…we’re only about 10minutes from the Malboro station so traffic there and back is a breeze for him compared to the Sandton traffic…but work has been hectic so he only gets in around 7pm.

Otherwise, work on my side is hectic as usual but I’ve got an exciting new opportunity coming up!  And talks of shorter hours post maternity leave are sounding positive and in my favour.   I also need to start handing over to whoever’s going to do my work while I’m away…6months off, can I get an A-MEN!!!! 

Ethan’s been sleeping through the night…alleluia!  But on the flipside, he’s been awake at 5am (some days 4am 😦 ).  Seriously, how do I get this child to sleep later????

Well…that’s me in a nutshell for now.  I’m away on Saturday night for a work offsite so I’m looking forward to a night away.

Till next time, cheers everyone!

Big boy going to school!

Big boy going to school!


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  1. MamaCat says:

    That is great that Ethan is coping with creche so well.
    You actually handed over cooking? After your post about cooking I am surprised 🙂
    Maybe teach Ethan to lie quietly once he wakes. Easier said than done. My little one does no like to wake in the morning (except on weekends!)

    • Jodie says:

      The handing over the cooking is tough MamaCat, I won’t lie! But I need to start letting go leading up to the 3rd trimester and it just makes so much sense now that B has so much time!!! Ethan can lay in for an hour but only in our bed and he’s fidgety so it’s not like we can continue sleeping 😦

      • MamaCat says:

        Hmmm…you know what I have done…my room does not look great but it functions better. We pushed the bed to one side of the room so there is a large open floor space. This allows me to have a break in my room with HB on the floor of the room. I have his play-mat there with a select few toys he can play quietly.

  2. Jodie says:

    Nice idea 🙂 Ethan doesn’t know the definition of playing quietly!! But worth the try, thanks!!!

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