So we’re into week three of creche and Ethan has been such a little champ – we’re so proud of him!! I wanted to write the post about starting school once he had settled in so that I could gage how long it took him to settle so here goes, the full recount of the start of master Howe’s schooling career.

Spirits were high before his first day. We tried to prep him as best as possible – made him constantly tell his friends in the complex that he was starting school, bought him a new bag, new clothes, cut his hair…he was in his element. He kept saying “I’m a big boy, I’m going to school” and so Monday morning arrived. I did get warned by quite a few people that sometimes kids are fine on day one and then it gets worse. I also had a few telling me how their littlies adapted so well – walked away waving and never looked back. Of course, I was not going to fool myself into thinking Ethan would be one of those kids. I’d tried to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for his first day – I thought I’d shed a few tears (I didn’t, funnily enough!!) – and on his first morning, the hubster and I were ready to do the drop off together. So off the three of us went at 7am, bright and early. We got to school, mister was fine, he walked in, looked around, and then just before we were going to say goodbye, he burst out crying like somebody was killing him. He kept saying that he was going to miss us and how much he loved us and day 1 went pretty much like that for most of the morning. The teachers say that he just kept on repeating that he misses his mummy and loves his daddy – sweetheart ❤

Ready for school!

Ready for school!

So rolled on day 2. We were up bright and early, all smiles for the most part but Ethan kept saying how much he’s going to miss me. I reassured him that I’d be back to fetch him at lunchtime (he’s only attending school half day for the remainder of the year) and off we went for his second day at school. All the way there, I could just see the tears in his eyes. I wanted to just pick him up and squeeze him but I kept on telling him how good he is and how proud I am of him. I also told him that it was quite okay to cry, because he was scared, and that was okay too! We got to school and as soon as we walked into the door, he started crying. The crying on day 2 lasted for all of 15minutes (well, according to the teachers – I kept wondering each day whether they were just saying so to appease me or if it were really the case) after which, apparently, mister was absolutely fine.

Day 3 was even better – only 5minutes of crying as I was leaving. Lots of “I’m going to miss you mum”, “I love you mum” and “You’ll fetch me after lunch right?” but that was it for the few days that followed. Oh! There were days when he’d cry at home as well and in the car, but overall, the crying was seriously much less than I expected. And then last week Friday, he surprised me! He kept telling me how much he was going to miss me and so I was expecting another morning of crying but my champ gave me a hug and a kiss and said “bye mum” as I left without so much as a whimper. I actually think I felt more emotional on that day. There was my baby two weeks in being so brave, settled in and happily waving goodbye.

What our fridge is looking like these days...covered in art :-)

What our fridge is looking like these days…covered in art 🙂

The weekend went by with very little mention of school and when Monday rolled on, my little champ was looking seriously under the weather with a running nose and a cough that had gotten steadily worse during the night, so we made the decision to leave him at home. Yesterday rolled on and I was expecting some fuss in the morning but he got up and said “I’m ready for school” and 20minutes later, we were in the car on our way with much excitement. I braced myself for some “post weekend tears” but there were none. A smile and a wave and that was it. Same thing this morning. I think that we’ve just struck another thing off the growing up list! Yay!! I’m thoroughly enjoying having a passenger in the car in the morning. From next week, the hubster will take over the drop offs for three mornings of the week and I still want to do Monday and Friday. Not specifically those days but I enjoy taking him in and so for now, that’s the arrangement that we’re going with. School is now a daily occurrence and master Howe is taking it in his stride – he’s such a big boy, we’re so proud of him 🙂


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