It’s the most amazing experience watching from the outside in!  Ethan’s becoming a big boy and as he grows, his bond with his dad is growing stronger by the day.  I see the way he looks at his dad with such adoration in his eyes.  Everything his dad does is like an adventure to him.  While mum wants to hug and cuddle, blow bubbles, go for walks and tell stories – dad wants to water the garden, do stuff that requires his toolbox and fancy gadgets and watch soccer screeching for “the guys”.  Ethan doesn’t even hesitate when dad asks for help.   He leaves whatever he’s doing and is super excited to be the helper/worker/braai’er.  Yes, he still loves his mama and still seems to enjoy doing activities with me, but you can see how bonding with his dad is just the best for him.  Long may this adoration last!!!

Watching videos on dad's phone!

Watching videos on dad’s phone!

First time riding in the back of a bakkie...with my dad :-)

First time riding in the back of a bakkie…with my dad 🙂


Braai time!

Braai time!


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  1. Zelda Tate says:

    And that’s how it should be!

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