I think that we can all agree that the service in general in SA leaves much to be desired!  This often leads to the “who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong” question.  Now I’ve worked in banking for close on 7years and even in the financial industry, the general consensus (while it may not be true) is that the customer is always right and if they are really and truely wrong, you under no circumstances tell them in these exact words.  In fact, you do anything and everything possible to make them feel that they’re right regardless.

Anyway, I digress.  This past Saturday, the hubster spoilt me and sent me to one of my favourite spas.  Now this spa is not your regular franchise store and since I’ve been going there, I’ve actually never had anything less than amazing feedback to give.   In fact, while having my gelish pedi done this weekend (something I did for the first time), I kept commenting to the beautician on how fabulous the spa is!  An hour later, I was feeling relaxed, and my toenails were looking just fab.  You see, one of the many “perks” of being pregnant [read the sarcasm loud and clear here] is that not only will you get to a point where you’ll be unable to see your toes, but you’ll also be unable to come within a ruler’s length of them which completely rules out cutting, filing and painting and where I’ll happily let the hubster paint my toenails for me (and he’ll obligingly help, after all, he is half responsible for the “situation” I find myself in), I draw the line of giving him the task of cutting them!!!  So I thought a gelish pedi the best solution – it looks perfect and lasts just about forever 🙂

While my pedi was being done, I could see the beautician paying special attention to one nail in particular and going back to that one again and again.  I thought something must be wrong but thought I’d leave her at it – her being the professional and all!  In all this time, she never said a single thing about there being a problem, not even an “oops, this nail isn’t playing along” or anything to that effect.

Anyway, the end of the pedi comes – she passes me my shoes and tells me to enjoy date night (yes, I was there for so long that we even chatted about my weekend plans!!) and off I go on my merry way.  When I sat at the front desk to pay, I looked down and thought the nail didn’t look perfect but I was in a rush to get to the shops and home for date night!

I get home all relaxed and ready to head out after a nice hot shower only to sit on the bed, look down and lo and behold, the “problem toenail” is kind of bubbling – not smooth at all – and it’s the only toenail at that which will stay that way until I soak off in a few weeks time.  I chatted to the hubster about it and he said he’s sure nobody will notice but it’s not even about other people – it’s first and foremost about me being happy with my nails and secondly, these things don’t come cheap so why grin and bear it when I’m entitled to complain and of course, complain was just what I did…

Not on Saturday as the spa was already closing and not yesterday as it doesn’t open on Sundays but first thing this morning, I e-mailed the spa expressing my dissatisfaction.   A few hours later, I got a response from the manager.  Now I wasn’t expecting a freebie (although I admit, it would have been nice 😉 ) but the response I got surprised me somewhat…

She sent a long winded e-mail to thank me for my mail and she said that she’d spoken to the beautician who said that the polish had been smudged but that she’d buffered and smoothed it out and that when I left the toenail paint was perfect.  She also said how they couldn’t quite understand how the same product and technique used on all my other nails worked for all except one.  It felt, just by reading her mail, especially with all the “…” ‘s that she used, like she was almost blaming me for sabotaging the job that was done.  Let’s not forget that gelish takes all of a few minutes to dry under the special UV light that they use more than once for each coat of polish during the pedi.  I was tempted to reply and ask her how in the world she thought that the nail polish had been messed and to tell her how it didn’t take rocket science to figure out how it happened…the beautician simply smudged the polish and applied the UV light before noticing…but my mama taught me better than that!  I will graciously accept the offer for me to pop in at a time convenient for me to redo the nail and hope that this doesn’t happen again at this spa!!


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  1. Zelda (proud Nana-to-be for the 2nd time) says:

    So Jo – now that you’ve blogged about your dissatisfaction at the Spa….howzabout blogging about your delight wrt the refund for Ethan’s swimming lessons?

  2. MamaCat says:

    I too would expect perfect nails are the time and money spent. I think you did the right thing. Hope it turns out better the next time around. While I do not always believer the customer is right, one still had to bend over backwards to keep them happy.

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