Seriously, how fast is this year going? I cannot believe that in two months time, I’ll be a mum of two. It feels like just yesterday that I wrote this post – – pregnancy number 2 was new and the end seemed so far. Now it’s just around the corner. I’ve planned my Christmas gifts already and just need to go out and buy them. Yes, I’m organized like that!! I’ve put in my maternity leave which I’m so looking forward to, but at the same time, I feel like I need a break before baby number 2 comes along. I guess I’ll have it in the first few weeks of my maternity leave but seriously, there are some days where I really feel like I just need to be in a hole…all on my own, in absolute silence. You get me right? I’m not that weird am I??

So last week, my folks came to spend a week in Jo’burg with us. I think I’ve blogged about this before or at least mentioned it somewhere, but for those who didn’t know, my dad was busy doing a course this year and from February, needed to be in Pretoria for lectures once a month. Of course, my mother jumped on the band wagon and scored a trip to Jo’burg every month to spend with us her grandchild (who am I kidding, once there’s a grandchild, nobody else matters anymore!). I remember thinking at the beginning of the year how great it was going to be to see them every month and now the course is over and until December, we won’t see them again 😦  Anyway, I digress…last week, they came for an entire week – literally from Sunday to Sunday. I was so looking forward to the time with them. I won’t lie – it was mainly so that I could get a break! I mean, my mum cooked every day. They occupied Ethan so that when I got home, I could just relax. They fetched him from school during lunch every day which saved me the trip. I literally.did.nothing. If I needed to bend, my dad bent down for me. When I got home, my mum made me tea every day. She put Ethan to bed at night and told him countless stories while laying in the dark – everything a nana should do with her grandchild. They even did grocery shopping – I kid you not. One day the fridge was empty, the following day both the fridge and the freezer were packed to the brim. It was the perfect break for me and Ethan, of course, thoroughly enjoyed having his nana and gramps over.

Mum and dad – you guys are absolutely amazing!! There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your kids and your grandchild. Life is so much better having you in it and I wouldn’t swop you for anything in the world. I cannot wait until you guys are back in December. In a way, I’m happy for time to fly so that in the blink of a time you’ll be right back here with us. Until December then…love you guys to the moon and back xxx


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  1. Zelda (proud Nana-to-be for the 2nd time) says:

    Jodie – it’s always a great pleasure for us to spend time with you & your precious family. You’ve made it so easy to be your mother. Wish we were living in the same city – but who knows? I still marvel at the wife & mother that you have become. My little girl now has her own little boy (soon there’ll be another). As I’ve told you before, you are a WONDERFUL mom. Ethan (and Riley) are really blessed to have a mom like you. Love you more than words could ever say. xxxxxx

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