So Ethan’s been toilet trained for months now. Remember that post that I wrote over here – And just like, we’re toilet trained! – where it literally took a day or so for him to take to using the loo…well, it was just onwards and upwards from there. A few weeks later, we got rid of the daytime nap nappy and he was literally only using one nappy at night – a nappy, that I soon started to notice, was dry on most mornings. My aim at the time was to have him completely off nappies by the time his brother is born. December…plenty of time! But when we noticed that his morning nappies were mostly dry, I thought that perhaps getting rid of the night time nappies would happen sooner than that, and so I decided to give it a try at the end of the packet of nappies that we were using at the time. There were roughly 15 or so nappies left giving us about two weeks from the time that I discussed my plan with the hubster.

About three weeks ago though, master Howe threw a hissy fit tantrum of note (are you going through the tantrum thing with your toddler too??? It deserves at least a whole post, if not two, on its own!) at 4am on a Saturday morning. He was in his bed, laying in the dark, literally crying and grunting, tossing and turning, when I walked into his room and sternly asked him what the problem was. His reply…I’m trying to take my nappy off. Only babies wear nappies, I’m a big boy. So I rolled with it. I mean, who am I to argue with a child who wants to jump the curve and hit his milestones before I intend him to?! I took it as my sign. If boy child wanted no nappy, he could have just that! So it was just over two weeks ago that this all happened. The first night went fine. Night two went okay, and then my folks arrived. Nana promptly went in search of a mattress protector (God bless her! – heaven only knows what the mattress would smell like now if it wasn’t for that amazing piece of bedding) and we were A for Away. No more nappies. Big boy style!

Since then, we’ve had a few oopsies as is to be expected. I specifically watch Ethan’s liquid intake as he doesn’t seem to be at the age where he’ll wake up in the night to go to the loo or even to call me to take him. He wets himself during his sleep and when he wakes up from the wetness, he cries muuummmmyyyyyyy (why don’t they ever call DADDY???) and the changing, wiping down and bed change takes place. We’ve done 1am, we’ve done 4am, I think we’re just about over this thing already! The thing is that I actually think he’s been doing quite well. In general, the bed is dry. We went away last week Sunday and Monday and I was petrified that we’d have to pay the R300 for bed linen washing at the BnB we stayed in as a result of a wet bed.  My mum even suggested that for the two nights, we rather just put his nappy on, but lo and behold…dry bed, both nights!

The last three nights, however, have been another story. On Saturday night, while the hubster and I were eating our dinner, mister indulged in a rather large glass of juice literally 15minutes or so before bed. I knew we were asking for trouble. I knew that a “before bed wee” wouldn’t help. And so mentally, I had prepared myself for a wet bed which is exactly what we got. Now, keep in mind, I’m carrying a child in my tummy who’s already weighing over 2kgs. Changing a bed plus a toddler in the middle of the night is nearly physically impossible for me so it involves the hubster being woken up as well which means the whole house is up. And surrpprriiissseee – master Howe obviously wants to chat at that time. He wants to know what daddy’s doing, he often complains the cloth is too cold, he can’t find his teddy, his dummy is irritating him…I give him one word answers trying to appease him, being completely unable to ignore his enquiring mind even if it be in the middle of the night. Hubby gets more and more irritable each time we have to do this as he thinks that there’s no need to talk at this time. So most nights when this happens, we all go back to bed in a huff.  Fortunately, Ethan has no hassles going straight back to bed or else this problem would be even bigger!!

Anyhoo, on Sunday night, while Ethan was waiting for his after dinner fruit (yes, that’s how we roll!!), he happened to spot the hubster’s coffee cup (I was cutting up the fruit in the kitchen and the hubster was running his bath water and yes, my child drinks coffee so it’s not the coffee that was the problem – more what happened at this stage!) and drank the entire.thing! Of course, we braced ourselves for another wet bed that night and Ethan didn’t disappoint. Last night, I was extra cautious on the liquids. After his dinner, he literally had two sips of juice and no amount of whining made me give in to giving him a single sip of anything thereafter. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. At 2am, we were changing beds and bottoms again. Fortunately, last night I prepared myself (something you can only do in hindsight 😉 ) and put out clean linen and a towel before going to bed so the middle of the night change was quick and efficient (we’re becoming pros!!)…but it got me thinking. How long do we let this continue? Should I backtrack and get him back in nappies for a few months? I’m usually very focused on sticking to something and I don’t find the point of going back but if this continues for nights to come, what do I do? I know it’s a phase, I know all kids go through this, I know that even after a few months of successful dry beds, we could still have a wet one every now and again, but I’m not sure whether this is the right way to do things?

Any advice?!?!


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  1. Robyn says:

    Personally, I have NO time to be doing such things in the middle of the night SO many nights in a row! The odd night here and there, I can just about handle. But if it was a regular thing, I’d do one of two things. 1. Physically wake up him in the middle of the night to take him to wee. Especially as you say he goes down fine again after waking up. And especially if you know he has had a lot to drink before bed. Yes, this means getting out of your bed for 2 minutes, but it’s better than getting up to change linen! 2. I’d go back to the night nappy, and when he wakes up to tell you big boys don’t wear nappies, THEN take him to pee and then he can take the nappy off. Point 1 is first prize for him because you don’t really want him to regress back to a nappy if you’ve come this far. But for your own sanity, I would try something else to make it easier for YOU.

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