So in four weeks – four weeks to the day – from today, I’ll be getting ready to go to hospital for the birth of our second baby boy! I can’t believe it. Four weeks is a short time!!! When I think about it, at certain times, it feels like time has flown by so quickly and at other times, it feels like it has dragged.

Pregnancy number 2 is totally different to being pregnant the first time around for a number of reasons. My husband actually commented last night when we discussing it how much more relaxed he feels I’ve been through this pregnancy and I told him that other than the fact that it feels very much like a been there done that situation, I also have a seriously busy toddler running around demanding my constant attention. So it’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it (which at times it feels like – I’m all of 34weeks at this stage and there are still times when I feel the baby move and think…oh yes, I’m pregnant, hehe), it’s more like I haven’t had a single change to do it. What with Ethan starting crèche, having a full time live in nanny who’s been giving us serious upheaval lately (another story for another time) and being so busy at work…I’ve definitely been less obsessed focused on my pregnancy this time around.

But now, as the time nears, I’m really starting to feel excited. My gynae does all caesars in the afternoon and so the receptionist has told me that I’ll only need to go into hospital around lunchtime. In her words – at least it gives me the opportunity to have a light breakfast in the morning. Now, “light” is a very relative term. For me, light is probably two slices of toast and an egg. Remember, I’m eating for two. Who knows – that day, light for me could be bacon, egg and mushrooms with a side order or chips???!!! So I should probably clarify what light means before I overdo it 🙂 [Just a though…will they be able to see the food in my stomach when I go for the caesar if I cheat??!!!!!…after all, they will be cutting me up!!]

In my mind, in four weeks time, I’ll drop Ethan off at school (well – maybe not myself, but he’ll be dropped off at school in the morning) and then the hubster and I will go for breakfast with my folks as a last breakfast before I’m a mum of TWO!!! My bag will be nicely packed and we’ll chat about what we’re expecting, how we think baby number 2 is going to look and probably how excited Ethan will be the following day when Father Christmas visits his school (I’m really bummed that I won’t be able to hear it immediately at my usual lunchtime pick up, but I’m sure he’ll give me tons of feedback when he sees me…or maybe seeing his brother will overshadow the Christmas visit and presents…or maybe not!).

Anyway, two more weeks at work (hallelujah!) and four more weeks till I meet my precious child that I’ve waited so long to meet. It’s the final countdown!!!

We're Expecting


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