I cannot believe that in just 3weeks, we’ll be meeting our little monster! The excitement levels are mounting. Counting weeks will soon turn into counting days (for proud nana, perhaps she’ll be counting minutes soon as she’s already been counting days! ❤ ). Soon, we’ll be on our way to the hospital ready to become parents for the second time around.

Somebody commented on a picture that I posted on Facebook the other day about how scarce the pictures have been with this pregnancy and how she’s sure that it’s the first picture that she’s seen of me pregnant since I mentioned that I was expecting and you know what…she’s probably right! I’ve taken the odd “tummy pic” here and there…an idea that I got from my best friend when I was pregnant the first time around. With Ethan, I have pictures of me in the same clothes, against the same wall, taken every four weeks from 12weeks already until 36weeks. With this pregnancy, I decided to do the same thing – and it’s not really for my kids to see when they’re older because let’s face it, how many boys do you know (or girls for that matter) in their teenage years who want to sit and look at pictures of their mother when she was pregnant?!) – but more for myself to see the growth and I’ve quite enjoyed comparing how I’m carrying this time around to the first pregnancy. The only problem is that this time around, not only did I start taking tummy pics only at around 16weeks instead of 12, but the pictures have also been quite random and not particularly timed. As an example, I intend on taking a picture today at 35weeks but my last picture was taken at 28.5weeks! Fail!!

At any rate, as the time nears, I’m constantly getting questions and comments about my ever growing belly. My favourite is something like: wow, you’ve grown so much in the last xxx weeks. My response (in my head of course): I’m growing a PERSON inside of me, that’s how pregnancy works, you grow right up until the end as does the baby! As I waddle into work these days, every tom, dick and harry wants to know when my last day at work is. If you’re interested in knowing, it’s actually next week Friday (thank the pope!)…this morning at all of 7am, somebody’s reply to telling them it’s next week Friday was no ways, you won’t last till then, your last day is going to be tomorrow. Okkkkk then. YOU try and tell my manager that. Another favourite due to my ever increasing size of my belly is: are you sure you’re having one? Yes, I’m sure I’m having one! Bloody hell. Talk about being dimplomatic. The funny thing about pregnancy is that you cannot control your size. Yes, you can watch what you eat and hope to gain minimal weight, but you can’t control it if you carry only in your tummy or your backside expands by three times the size. You just roll with it and embrace it I guess.

One thing that I’ve wanted to do all through this pregnancy which I haven’t done as yet is when somebody asks: is this your first child?, to respond: no, it’s my fifth just to see their reaction, hehe.  I still have three more weeks to do it, I just mustn’t forget!

Somebody in the canteen this morning asked when my last day is and when I told her next week, she said she’s getting worried as my stomach is dropping already…somebody that I barely know, that I never talk to…it’s so funny how when you’re pregnant, everybody wants to have something to say about your pregnancy, your baby, your size etc. Oh well…I guess that’s just how it is. Let’s not even get started about how random strangers want to touch your stomach all.the.time!  You don’t touch my stomach on a normal day, can you please just refrain from touching it now!!!  And so we wait patiently for another 3weeks. I wonder how much larger I’m growing to grow?!?!


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