So…this cool chick is on her way, as I type this, to Johannesburg.  She’s made the decision, after two years of living and studying in Cape Town, to move here permanently.

Andy Pandy

I’m so happy for her…happy for this new chapter of her life to start and excited for her to experience a new city!  All three Tate sisters (hey – I know my surname is Howe but I’m still a Tate at heart 😉 ) will be living close together now, in the same city.  This also works out for my folks who visit Jo’burg quite regularly (thanks Ethan ;-)) and haven’t been to Cape Town that often, but now, all their chickens will be in one place.  Family dinners and weekends together will hopefully be more frequent and I’m thinking lots of girls’ dinners and drinks.  Yay for us!!!!  🙂

Safe drive Andy – can’t wait to see you!!

In other news, this is my last week at work.  I cannot wait to finish off.  I’m in the process of handing over the last of my work today.  For the remainder of the week, I need to work on a presentation that I need to come into work to give on the 5th of December.  Yes, I will be coming in (hopefully just for that afternoon) to do a formal presentation to our management team during my maternity leave – can you believe it!!  I’m excited though about going on maternity leave for a number of reasons.  Firstly, of course, there’s the excitement of the imminent arrival of our second child.  Secondly, I’m on 6months leave this time as opposed to 4 the first time around.  Truth be told, when I was on maternity leave with Ethan, I was practically sprinting back to the office for a number of reasons but mainly because I just needed some adult interaction.  At the time, we had no domestic/nanny around to help and my folks had been back in Durban for ages, so all I did was gaga at this baby who could barely react and tried to juggle cleaning and cooking in between.  It was a nightmare!  There were days when I just stayed in my pj’s – quite common amongst first time mothers, so I hear – and interaction with the “outside world” was limited to Facebook and BBM messages hence the reason that I have a gazillion pictures of Ethan, none of which have been printed, shame on me!!  This time around, it’s going to be much better, well, so I’m hoping.  Not only will Ethan start attending creche full day (he’s currently still only half day at the moment…well, he’s actually at home as we speak recovering from yet another illness!) which means that I won’t be struggling with a newborn baby and a toddler, but we have a full time live in nanny and I’m already envisioning daytime naps, pedis and lunches and lots of quality time with both of my children.  I won’t have to clean myself – well, I’ll have to get myself cleaned of course, but I won’t have to worry about the house – I will have help with the cooking and of course, help with my kids.  I’m going to take full advantage of this time with it probably being the last time I’ll have this benefit 😦  Four more days to go but who’s counting?!?!

How’s this Jo’burg weather been by the way?!  Totally insane!  Yes, I know that it rains in Jo’burg in summer…but it’s supposed to be afternoon showers…just a quick splash to take the edge of the sweltering day, no?!?!?!  I cannot believe that it’s just been raining practically non-stop.  I think that it’s rained every single day for the past week and a bit and the rain’s just been constant!  It hasn’t been a quick shower, a light drizzle – no, thundering and lightening at 8am on a Saturday morning until midday…constant raining on a Sunday morning with a temperature of 15degrees…can you say winter!  On the plus side, at least with my ginormous size, I haven’t been battling in the heat like I did when I carried the first time around.  Swollen ankles have barely reared their ugliness and I’ve had the fan on only every other night instead of constantly like I did when I was pregnant with Ethan.  But the washing?  Arrggghhh.  The joys of not having a tumble dryer.  Our nanny is basically doing the washing in parts when she can as per my instruction but that makes it hard for me to plan my wardrobe.  I’m at the end stretch of my pregnancy and only a few items of clothing fit so I’m literally chopping and changing the same few things in the last few weeks of work.  This morning, I was set on wearing a plain cotton maternity dress only to find out that the dress hadn’t quite made the last load of washing…bummer!  And so I resorted to pants, something I hope not to do at all while I’m on my maternity leave.  Seriously uncomfortable!!!!

Braxton Hicks contractions – omw!  With Ethan, I don’t remember having them at all.  In fact, Ethan never dropped even after being induced and being in labour for quite a number of hours, hence the “emergency caesar” that I ended up having.  Baby number 2 has already dropped making it extremely uncomfortable to do anything and the contractions have been so painful over the last few days (no, they’re not labour pains!) that I’ve even been reduced to tears.  Anyway, not long to go now.  But talking about emergency caesars…how convenient is it to be a gynae these days?  Are there any who recommend natural labour?  Not only will my gynae not do a VBAC, but he also only delivers on Thursdays (of course, if there’s an emergency on another day, he’ll make a plan), in the afternoon…well planned hey?!  Anyhoo, at least…four gynaes later, I’ve settled on one and thus far, things have been going well with him.  [How do you know that you’ve had gynae issues?  When your child refers often in conversation to having gone to see his gynae and tells you exactly what his gynae said or told him…fail!!]

Oh well…best I get to finishing up the work that needs to be done so that I can happily say “adios” when Friday comes around.  Have a super day all 🙂


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