I’m not sure who’s more excited…Ethan or I!

Tomorrow is his 3rd birthday.  3 already – gee, where has the time gone?!  This time, 3years ago, we went to bed for the last night as a family of two, just the hubster and I.  I was anxious about being induced the following morning but also over the moon to be meeting our first born child.  I remember wondering if I’d per chance go into labour overnight and checking the baby bag 100times before I finally went to bed.  I also remember being totally prepared for a very long labour – in fact I was so convinced I’d be giving birth naturally that I didn’t even blow my hair assuming that it would “go home” very quickly with the sweat I was going to work up!  Lo and behold, my numerous hours of labour didn’t even produce a sweat drop and Ethan was born via a caesar with pics of me and my greasy hair all over!!  Sjoe, it feels like just the other day.

Anyway, this is the first year that master Howe is excited.  The first year he understands his birthday.   So I’ve made sure that the cake (a tinkie) is ready for the morning along with a candle so that we can sing.  His gift is ready and the camera battery is on charge to catch a few pics.  I can’t wait until morning comes…my big boy is turning 3!!! 🙂


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