Ethan, tomorrow morning, your little brother is making his grand appearance into the world!  You will no longer be the baby in the family in terms of age, but you’ll always be my baby because, let’s face it – you may be a whole 3years old, but you’re only 3!!  It feels like a lifetime ago that we were waiting on your arrival.  I can’t remember what life was like without you in it.

You took your time coming – although everybody in the family was convinced that you’d come earlier – in fact, we were so convinced that we had running bets on dates before your estimated due date which was actually the 2nd of December.  The only person who chose a date post the 2nd was your grandpa who was convinced that you’d come late and oh was he right.  So comfortable were you in mummy’s tummy that even after I was induced, you still showed no signs of doing anything.  But eventually you came and we’ve never looked back.

You’ve brought daddy and mummy so much joy.  You’re a constant ray of sunshine – you have a sense of humour that if I’d been told prior to having a baby that a 3year old could have, I wouldn’t have believed.  You run around the house joking around, doing silly dance moves and making us laugh at every opportunity.  You are wise beyond years.  You are the most sensitive little boy I know – you can sense when mum is down.  If you see a tear in my eye, you get teary as well.  You constantly offer mum help especially now that you understand that with mum’s big tummy, I can’t do much bending and picking up of things.  You have reached all your milestones at your own speed, in your own time, just as it should be.  You talk beautifully (sometimes too much but then again, that doesn’t surprise me as I’m a talker of note!!).  You have adjusted to school so well – your first report made my heart swell, I am so proud of you.


Cousins joined at the hip :-)

Cousins joined at the hip 🙂

As your brother makes his entrance into the world and our lives tomorrow, I cannot guarantee you that I’ll be able to give you the same attention that I have for the last three years – in fact, I’m pretty sure that I won’t.  I can assure you though, that my love for you will never ever change.  In fact, it will only grow more and more as you grow older.  I cannot wait for you to be an older brother.  You’ve already told me how you’ll hold your brother tight but not too tight till he bleeds!  You have this awesome plan in your mind about how you’ll be able to give him sweeties if he cries instead of having to part with your beloved dummy for him.  You’ve showed me using your two little fingers how small you think he’ll be tomorrow…all of about 3centimetres…I think you’re going to be just a leetle bit surprised.  I don’t think you fully understand the enormity of having an addition to the family.  Perhaps you’ll adjust easily but maybe you won’t and that’s okay.  Just know boy that we love you to the moon.  You are going to be the best big brother ever!

Giving baby brother some love <3

Giving baby brother some love ❤

A little bit of a belated 3rd birthday my baby boy – I unfortunately didn’t get around to doing a blogpost on your actual birthday, just under a week ago.  Stay as sweet as you and are. I’ve never felt so proud of anything in my life as I do to be your mother.

Ethan and his Aunty Lau

Ethan and his Aunty Lau

In the words of Dr Seuss (this quote is on your bedroom wall and rings out so powerfully to me)…“Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You!”.  Love you boy xxx


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