So where were we last? Oh yes! I’m back home with my bundle of joy ❤

And so a week has passed and things are a lot more settled on this side. The lead up to now has been a bit of a shambles but one that proved to me that God has a plan and that everything will happen in His time.

So to take you back to where all the “fun” started…last week of work, last week of November.  I was in high spirits. I had a plan, I’d handed over most of my work and started the week after a fantastic weekend – a family photoshoot on the Saturday and my baby shower on the Sunday.  Over the weekend, I had been experiencing some serious braxton hicks contractions which got so bad on Tuesday morning at work that I rushed off to my gynae just to be on the safe side. After a quick checkup and monitoring in the labour ward, I was given the all clear but booked off from work for the rest of the week.

I had very good intentions of doing nothing but staying flat on my back and giving our nanny instructions from my bed on what still needed to be done in anticipation of baby Riley’s arrival, but of course, I did anything but rest! I spent the balance of the week busy busy busy but by the weekend, was happy that we’d managed to finish the bulk of what needed to be done and so I was adamant that for the next two weeks at home, I’d literally be in bed relaxing.

On rolled Monday and at all of 6am, much to my annoyance, my plans came crumbling down. Our nanny called in ill and by Thursday of that week, we received word from her son that she had passed away. As a side note, has anyone had a nanny/domestic who’s passed away?! We’ve had TWO…in a row!!! 😦 So highly pregnant, I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week doing dishes, washing and making up beds plus a few other things that needed doing around the house. My mother flew in on the Wednesday to give me a hand as we had no idea what was going on with our nanny – but she also wanted to spend time with me as we were uncertain as to how long she’d be around to help out with my aunt’s husband being seriously ill in the UK.

So we basically took each day as it came constantly keeping in touch with my aunt as to her husband’s health and condition. My dad arrived the next Monday and to say I did nothing for three days is an understatement.  They waited on me hand and foot. I left the house only once in that time for a full body pregnancy massage. Otherwise, I didn’t lift a finger!!

Thursday, D-Day (delivery day) came around and off the hubster and I went to the hospital more excited than kids the night before Christmas.  Riley was delivered at 2:58pm weighing a good 3.72kgs and apart from the spinal block that needed to be done twice as the anaesthetist had inserted the needle into the wrong space (can you believe it, I almost died!!!!), everything else went smoothly.  Soon after the paed had done the initial tests, he recommended that Riley be put into an incubator as he was apparently battling to breathe on his own. He assured us that there was nothing to worry about but it did little to appease me when he insisted that the nurse fetch the incubator herself if the other nurse wasn’t coming quick enough. Riley stayed in the incubator right through the night and I laid awake most of the night watching the heart rate and breathing monitor unable to let him out of my sight inspite the nurses suggesting that I get a good night rest while they formula feed him in the nursery overnight. I was greatful that my mum could be there for his birth though with my aunt’s husband still hanging in there in the hospital in London.

Incubator baby

Incubator baby

We came home on the Sunday but on the Saturday, my mum had already told me that it was looking like she’d have to leave for London very soon. She left on the Tuesday evening but unfortunately didn’t get to see my uncle before he passed on as he had already died before she landed but she’s so fortunate that she gets to be there for her sister and spend this time together with her. Of course I’d love for her to be here with us and especially in these first few weeks of having a newborn baby around but not only is my husband on leave, but both my sisters and my dad are in joburg too. My dad’s staying with us and although he’s a great help (seriously – every day he’s busy with the dishes, washing, odds-and-ends around the house plus he finds time to see each of my sisters and help with whatever they need assistance with as well!), I still wish my mum was here too.

My mum and her beautiful sister!

My mum and her beautiful sister!

But it all worked out and all in God’s time…my mum and I got to spend some time alone together before Riley was born, she got to be here for the birth of her second grandchild who despite making a bit of a rocky entrance into the world is healthy and a real blessing to our family, she got to fly to London to spend three weeks with my aunt and although I don’t have her here with me now, this has all happened now at December when the rest of my family are able to be here with us for help and support and to of course celebrate Christmas together 🙂 Too blessed to be stressed!!

Brotherly love <3

Brotherly love ❤


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  1. Zelda says:

    Nice blog Jo – and as you say….God’s timing is always perfect! As for the miracle of our precious new bundle ‘Riley’ and Nana’s big boy ‘Ethan,’ again as you say…. indeed; we are too blessed to be stressed! Love you to the moon and back….mum

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