Those of you who know me or have followed my blog will know that sleep is one of the things that has been just about non-existent in my life since Ethan was born. Since then, he hasn’t slept through the night. Yes, the odd night here and there but not more than two or three in a row for at least the first two years of his life. At his worst, he was waking up around 7/8 times a night! At his best, just once.

That’s until about a month ago when he just started sleeping through the night out of the blue. We didn’t change anything in his routine, it just happened and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was. If I wasn’t heavily pregnant well into my third trimester running to the loo every few hours during the night, I may have actually been able to catch up on years of missed zzzz’s – instead, sleep continued to be something I could only imagine I’d get again in another 2-3years time.

Enter Master Riley Howe…I’ve never heard of a child sleeping so much. I worry that he sleeps too much, is it normal, should I be waking him, how do I keep him awake on the odd occasion when he’s actually up. I know that he’s not even a month yet but Ethan never ever slept like this! Not even at 1week old. I wake this child to eat every 3hours, he drinks, gets a bum change and sleeps again!! He must be sleeping around 20hours a day – is this normal? Is there such a thing as too much sleep??

I’m pretty sure that soon this will change so for now…I’ll just enjoy it while I can 🙂


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  1. Nasima says:

    Just go with it 😉 there is no such thing as too much sleep. For newborns life is about survival and they will not starve themselves. So accept it, questioning it detracts from the joy of it because you’re always on alert waiting and anticipating something will happen and then you dont truly enjoy it. Enjoy the time with Ethan while Riley sleeps xxx

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