So, since Ethan was two days old – yes, two days old – he’s sucked a dummy. It wasn’t something I’d given much thought to before he was born. I wasn’t pro or anti dummy. In fact, I’d given it such a little thought that I hadn’t even bought any dummies when getting our pre-Ethan lives ready for the new addition to our family. It just so happened that my cousin suggested trying out the dummy when two day old Ethan wouldn’t settle after breastfeeding and his formula top up, and so the dummy became a part of Ethan’s life.

At first, we used it at any time we had exhausted all options to keep mister happy. From crying for no apparent reason, to stretching feeding times out. Keeping him quiet in church. Keeping him asleep at night. Over time, we used it less and less until he only used it to sleep. Three years on and we’re yet to let go of this ugly habit (as a side not: why is this seen as an ugly habit? A dummy’s made to soothe/pacify and it does just that!!!). When mister’s tired, he gets his dummy and his teddy and he’s KO. Heaven forbid the dummy’s missing…everything has to stop for operation “find dummy now“!! The current plan is to get rid of the dummy next week on day 1 of his new “big boy class” at creche, the green group. Mister’s on board, he even says he’ll chuck it in the bin but I’m yet to see this happen and I’m bracing myself for a few nights of major tantrums. Anyway, I digress!

This blogpost is actually about the dummy and Riley, our second born son. Being all of three weeks, I haven’t particularly felt a need for a dummy…that’s until two nights ago. You see, during my second pregnancy (as I’m sure is normal), I umh’ed and aah’ed at great lengths on whether I’d do things the same with Riley as I’d done with Ethan…would I keep him in his crib in our room for longer than three weeks (something I hadn’t done with Ethan), would I keep him on a strict daytime sleep routine and would I give him a dummy, these been only a few of the things I thought about at great length. Eventually I just decided to go with the flow and see how things went – afterall, they’re two different children and what may have worked with Ethan, may not work with Riley and vice versa.

So the week before Riley was born, I went to get a few last minute things and threw in two dummies just in case! I didn’t even pack these in the hospital bag knowing full well that my complimentary hospital bag that I’d get from the hospital would contain one, afterall, this was the one that Ethan had first started on.

A few days after Riley was settled at home, the hubster asked why I hadn’t given him a dummy yet and I told him that my plan was only to give him one if absolutely necessary. To be quite honest, it’s just too much effort in my mind to do the whole weaning off the dummy in a few years time if he doesn’t need one now!

But two nights ago, he was really crabby and has been on and off since then. Crying for no reason, sleeping for short periods waking up crying uncontrollably and feeding at every opportunity like somebody who’s been starved for days!! So going against my better judgement, we tried a dummy and every time we’ve tried, he’s just spat it out. He’s sucked on two occasions quite non-committal about it ending up spitting it out after a few sucksbut otherwise, he seems quite disinterested.

Secretly, I’m quite happy that he’s not taking to it. I say secretly because I do realise that we’re both Riley’s parents and that we should both have a say but in this case, Riley isn’t keen on the hubster’s suggestion of introducing the dummy and I’m kind of thinking…yay, that’s my boy, but I don’t want the hubster to feel bad!! On the other hand though, how am I going to keep this child calm when all other attempts fail??? 

As my dad says, he’s not even a month old, isn’t it a bit early for a dummy?! I don’t know…I’ve googled it and they say to only introduce a dummy after a month or when breastfeeding has been perfected. Aaagghhh, the dummy dilemna!! I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes…


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  1. MamaCat says:

    As a dummy mummy maybe I can offer some advice: I was against dummies and hubby wanted to use one. I gave in because we had to find a way to calm him to bath and change him. We did it in week three. He loved the dummy…loved it. It turned out to be a great thing. it was a way to calm a child when no other way would work. As you say it is to pacify, and I see nothing bad in that. I ii keeps baby happy, I am for it. He has it full time up to 18 moths old, then it was for home only, and we slowly phased it to sleep only at home, and then might time only.
    Then just after the second birthday and coinciding with the new school year, I packed all in a plastic bag and said it was in the bin. I made him watch me throw it away (I still have that bag of dummies). I reminded him often I threw it away and when he asked we said it was gone. We gave him a whole host of sleeping toys instead of the dummy and made it an event. It worked for us.
    If i have a second child, I will try the dummy again…I think weaning is made to seem overly difficult…when you can reason with your child, you can wean your child.
    Good Luck with it all, parenting is not easy.

    • Jodie says:

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 Riley still won’t take it…we’ve tried a few times and I’ll probably continue to try. On the plus side, Ethan threw his away in the bin yesterday on the whim and day two is already going ok with the weaning…perhaps I’m over complicating it!!!

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