As I type this, my aunt who lives in London is probably at home having tea for the 30 or so people who attended the short service and cremation of her husband who passed away mid-December last year. Her husband battled illness, at his age of 80-plus, for some years and he was adamant in May last year already that he wouldn’t make Christmas 2014 and he didn’t.  I unfortunately never got to know him very well – I’d been in his company twice or thrice but not long enough to know him more than him being my aunt’s husband. From my parents and my sister, however, who knew him a lot better, I know he was a great man. My aunt has lived in the UK and been married to him for many many years. I know that she’ll miss him terribly and life won’t be the same without him!

What really inspires me about my aunt is her awesome personality, constant smile and happy disposition despite the losses that she’s had in her life. Not only did she lose her husband at a time of the year where it’s even more terrible to lose someone, but she’s also lost her first husband and both her sons. Yet she goes on. I’m sure she has her bad days where she feels down in the dumps but we don’t see that. When we’re with her or when we chat over Skype, she is all smiles and can have a real good laugh.

Aunty L – I know that life without George will not be the same but know that we’re here for you. We think about you often and we’re only a Skype call away if you want to chat. I know that you have great plans for the year ahead and I know that you’ll grab life by the horns and continue to enjoy yourself.  I just want you to know how much I love you and admire you. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon..tada until then xxx


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