…well, for now at least!! Just a few days ago, I wrote about our dummy dilemna and a few days later, Ethan is dummy free.

So the initial plan was to get rid of his bedtime dummy when his baby brother was born. We were going to tell him that only babies sucked dummies and that Riley needed one so he’d have to give his to his brother.  As my due date came nearer, we were trying to drum this into his head and mister was all on board, but then mummy chickened out and thought that maybe it was a bit too much too soon with there already being a new addition to the family to seriously stir things up, and so we canned that idea.

Plan B was to use the first day of school in the “bigger class” as the day that he’d throw it in the bin as we all know that big kids don’t use dummies, certainly nobody in the green group, the big boy class and so we were aiming for next week Tuesday, the 13th! 

That’s until master Howe got a bee in his bonnet and declared on Wednesday morning that dummies are for babies – for Riley only – and happily threw his dummy into the big bin. The hubster was the most nervous (funny considering that if anybody was going to be affected at sleep time, it was going to be me!) and suggested more than once that we keep it out just in case. I, of course, firmly believe in things working out just as they should and this for me was definitely a sign!! So the dummy stayed in the bin and I braced myself for some serious tantrum throwing. Afterall, reasoning with a 3year old can be near impossible even if it’s their own idea!!

And so naptime came on Wednesday afternoon. Mister asked three times for his dummy and couldn’t fall asleep without it. Naptime turned into serious frustration on his side, and after an hour of laying wide awake, we moved on with the day with zero sleep for my big boy!!

Night time came and I was convinced that out of sheer exhaustion, mister would konk not even being able to think about his dummy. WRONG!! He only asked once about it but just couldn’t fall off to sleep. Of course, he eventually did, but woke up once in the night crying for his dummy and that was that.

Yesterday at both naptime and bedtime, he didn’t even ask for it and he slept right through the night with no fuss at all and so just like that, we’re dummy free! Here I was stressing about it but mister did it exactly when he was ready!!! 🙂

Now for baby brother who took a dummy last night for the first time but eventually spat it out and I didn’t force it thereafter. I wonder if he’ll ever take to a dummy like his big brother did??!!!


3 responses »

  1. Robyn says:

    Well done Ethan!

  2. MamaCat says:

    That or great to hear. See, they do things when they are ready without us having to force the issue.

  3. Hey! This is awesome! Will get details on whatsapp. Well done Ethan!

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