That title got your interest hey? No, I’m not talking about that position…get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about the position that you like to put your baby to sleep in. Personally, for myself, I love sleeping on my stomach. I don’t mind sleeping on my side but I really do prefer my stomach. As you can imagine, sleeping during pregnancy became a bit of a problem from about 3/4months, but anyway, I digress…

When Ethan was born, as everybody does with their first child, I followed everything by the book. From what to pack in the hospital bag to how often to put my baby to sleep and wake him and everything in between.  And, of course, I had also read up on infant cot death so when the paed said to put baby on his side as this was the best sleeping position, I followed exactly what he said full well knowing that babies sleeping on their stomachs is not what causes cot death.

A few weeks into being a first time mother, my mum and cousin suggested that I try and put him to sleep on his stomach as they had both found that their babies slept better in this position and it made sense! Not only did Ethan mostly fall asleep laying against my chest in a similar position to laying flat on his tummy, but this position also meant no arms flailing in the air which is what often woke Ethan from his sleep. And so we tried this position and never went back. (Note: this had nothing to do with him sleeping through the night, something he only did at the age of three!!)

At any rate, along came Riley and this time, the paed said that the best position for sleep was on his back??!!! How do they decide this???? And so, with my mum not around at the time to remind me of the tummy position, I once again followed the paed and put Rikey on his back. When my mum came back a few weeks after his birth, she of course promptly put him to sleep on his tummy and that’s how he’s slept since then…a lot better in this position I must add!


And for now, that’s the position I’ll leave him in!! What’s your favourite position?


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