*DILO: day in the life of*

Guys, today I feel like superwoman! Those who have been on maternity leave will understand how today has made me feel invincible!! Two kids at home (Ethan’s been at home sick for two days now) with totally different routines and needs at two totally opposite ends of the scale (Riley is totally dependant on me, Ethan hardly dependant…unless I’m busy with Riley then he needs me for everything aaalllll the time!) is no joke!!!!!

Yesterday was especially challenging as it rained for most of the day. At 8am, before I’d even called the school to say he wouldn’t be in, mister told me that he wasn’t sick anymore and wanted to go to school now. Cabin fever set in about half an hour later and of course, Riley, who usually sleeps for 2-3hours at a time, was sleeping in 20minute intervals…murphy! When I eventually sat down to dinner with the hubster at 8:45pm…yes! that late…even my body was aching and I couldn’t wait to get into bed.

Roll on this morning…a decent nights rest and a load shedding schedule from 2-6:30pm was exactly what I needed to get my A into G…oh, did I mention a dinner guest…my chicken and pasta were boiling at 6:30am…focusedness 😉

Serious as a heart attack!

Serious as a heart attack!

So I fed Ethan first, did teeth, wipe down, dress etc plus not only did I make up the beds but I changed the bedding as well all whilst juggling both kids. When Riley slept, I played outside with Ethan expecting the rain to make an early appearance so making the most of the sun rays. After an hour outside, I set Ethan in front of the tv while I whipped supper together. Even my white sauce went super quick…quite clearly the gods were smiling down on me. Then I made a banana loaf with my small chef excitedly helping out. Okay, we had a mini tantrum when said chef wanted to taste the cake 5minutes after me putting it into the oven (banana loaf takes one.whole.hour to bake!!), but even that I managed in my stride 🙂

Naps all round were had at 12:30 and mum even managed to catch up on a series. The afternoon was spent doing art outside…btw, the load shedding never happened (well, it hasn’t happened yet) which I’m not complaining about. I’m about to put baby down and shower big boy quickly and the dinner table is set for my guest who should be arriving soon.


Overall, in my cousin’s words, today I feel as if I’m winning at life! 🙂


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  1. Marvellous mama! You make the rest of us look like amateurs.

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