So I’m still getting used to this thing of having two kids! Even more challenging is being alone with the both of them all day. Yesterday was a good. I got everything done that I needed to do and ahead of my planned schedule.  We successfully sat down to dinner sans kids – the hubster, our dinner guest and I – Ethan watched a movie and Riley was asleep…and before 8pm, can you believe it?!

Today I kept Ethan home again (even though every bit of my brain was screaming NOOOOO for fear of losing my sanity) as he’s still not 100% well and afterall, it’s Friday. No use sending him to the germ pool a.k.a the green class, for one measly day when he’s already been off for two days this week. And so, I had nothing much planned today except to survive it without pulling my hair out until cabin fever set in…at 8am!! So off the three of us went just to one shop…Woolies.

What I thought I’d timed perfectly didn’t work out so perfect. Riley was supposed to nap in the car and continue sleeping in his pram while Ethan fitted on takkies and I grabbed milk and bread. Simple! What ended up happening was that Riley napped in the car as planned but woke up 2minutes after we walked into the shop and started crying. Ethan walked nicely next to us till Riley started crying and I picked him up at which stage, Ethan saw this as a “hall pass” and started running up and down the food aisles singing at the top of his voice.

Bread and milk turned into enough goodies to fill a basket but with the absence of a basket, said goodies had to be juggled rather carefully while keeping a baby in a short babygrow warm in the icey food aisles, pushing a pram and trying to keep up with the roadrunner aisle runner! I left almost running to the car as Riley started a fresh bout of tears and now being safely back in the house with both kids napping, I can safely say that I won’t put myself through that again any time soon.

Anyway…I digress. The last few days have seen me doing some strange and wonderful things, things that I’m almost proud of (I’m certainly proud of number 1 on my list), in an attempt to get through my day as close to my pre-kid days as possible. So I thought I’d share some of them with you…

1. I managed to shower in almost the same amount of the time – at the same time may I add – as it took my toddler to make a poo on the toilet right next to me…for the win!

2. I managed to brush my teeth while shooshing my baby to sleep in my other arm.

3. I managed to watch a movie (albeit over three days) while my kids slept instead of crashing myself – this is probably more stupidity??!!!

4. I caught up on series while breastfeeding…what to do!!

5. I gave my toddler a shower while my baby laid in his cot watching his mobile intently…normal? I think not. With a toddler who cries at every splash of water in his eyes, it isn’t an easy fête I assure you 🙂

6. I shared a tissue with my sick child. Again…more stupidity and totally gross…but when one’s nose is pouring while trying to show appreciation of a fully purple coloured drawing and breastfeeding at the same time, there’s no time to be fussy! A secondhand tissue seems to suffice…g-ross!!

7. I cooked dinner every.single.night and even managed to bake a cake in all of this juggling act.

8. And probably the highlight of 2015…bar one day, I’ve managed to get both kids napping at the same time every day giving me some much needed quiet time (read: naptime!!).

Yeah, life has certainly been interesting on this side of the world. Now I think I deserve a nap 😉


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  1. I don’t know how you do it! Well done, Supermum!

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