Those of you who know Ethan will know that he’s an absolutely shocking not such a great sleeper. I’ve blogged about his bad sleeping habits from the time he was born. Three years of waking up during the night finally ended about two weeks before Riley was born. The relief I felt cannot be explained – finally I could stop getting the there must be something wrong, why does he wake up and what does he wake up for comments and questions and of course, we now only had to wake up for one child from when Riley was born and not two…a blessing in disguise.

That all came crashing down about two weeks ago! At first he started waking up from nightmares. You know that blood curdling scream that when you hear, you know has a very bad “story” behind it. From monsters to kids hitting him – his imagination was running wild every night! Initially, I put this down to a phase, but then things got worse…

One wakeup every night around midnight turned into two about a week ago – the second not from anything but the need for mummy (or daddy when mummy didn’t respond) to come to his room and this is followed by a full night time tantrum with gut wrenching crying and screaming, I kid you not, which lasts anything from 10minutes to 45minutes!

I am at my wit’s end. I really have no idea what to do and both the hubster and my patience is running dangerously thin! Tonight’s tantrum (is 3am still considered night time?!) ended with paddywhacks on the behind from us both and I can still hear mister sniffling quietly to himself half an hour later.

Surely this child is at an age where he understands that this is nonsense? What makes things worse is that Riley is sleeping blissfully for five hours plus after going down in the night which means we could all be getting a decent’s night rest if it wasn’t for Ethan’s shenanigans.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to end this nonsense?!


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  1. Mrs FF says:

    A night light of there’s none in his room already? Does he watch lots of TV? If yes maybe reduce the amount of screen time he gets and vet the programs some of the so called kid friendly programs are quite violent. I’m quite clueless but I know when I watch certain things I have “nightmares” I hope it is just a phase and it passes as quickly as it came.

  2. MamaCat says:

    Oi. If you read my blog, you know we only got sleeping through recently. I think they get scared from nightmares and cannot reason.
    We got it right by letting him sleep with us. I do not mind co sleeping, especially since it means we all sleep. Honeybear wakes and when he feels us near him, he goes to sleep, without interruption.
    After he had been sleeping through for a while, we have moved him to his own room. He sleeps through or sometimes wakes and we let him sleep with us the rest of the night.
    Good luck.

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