…just for a few minutes, and I’ll bring you up to speed on where I am 🙂



Terrible picture, I know, but notice two things…

1. My hair is blowed,

2. I’ve lost a leetle itsy bit of weight!

12.5kgs to be exact. I’m one of those fortunate people who managed to shed my pregnancy weight almost immediately post birth. The problem thereafter is twofold…

1. My tummy won’t go down without a serious battle making me look 4months pregnant more than 6months later, and

2. I eat waaayyy too much luxuries sitting with my feet up in the air while at home.

Ag anyway, 14.5kgs up, 12.5kgs down leaving me only 2kgs above my pre-pregnancy weight-yay!!!

So I’ve been on maternity leave for just over 2months now and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I have so much time on my hands (please don’t let me be jinxing it now by saying it out loud!!) and with Riley sleeping so well (through the night before 2months…long may it last!), I am feeling relatively well rested as well, hence the reason I blow dried my hair this morning instead of rushing straight to bed when master Howe went down for a nap.

I’ve had a few friends pop by for a visit and have visited one..getting my friendship on 😉 something I really want to do more of this year! My little sister and her boyfriend have moved to Jo’burg and I’m really hoping to see them more as well. I think I may have mentioned this before but I’m thinking monthly sister evenings now that all three sisters are in one city – yay!

Our nanny has started full time and not only does she clean very well and really quickly, but I also have the awesome problem (not all problems are bad!) of not knowing what to do with all my extra time now that I have someone working full time who I feel that I can totally trust!!

I’ve done a lot of cleaning and throwing out of unwanted goodies. I’m very heartsore that all my newborn stuff has already been bagged to give away and that I’ll never have another baba again but yeah, that’s life.

I’m trying to decide on my tattoo for Riley’s initial and in the process of looking for ideas on the net, came across another totally unrelated tattoo idea so now I’m trying to focus instead of getting a gazillion more tattoos!!!

Otherwise, I’m well, I really couldn’t be better, and with a 2week holiday planned to Durban next month and seeing my bestie and her family in Jo’burg in less than 3weeks, what more could a girl ask for 🙂 🙂 🙂


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