The next few weeks are going to fly by but oh boy do I plan on having lots of fun as well as some rest and relaxation! So my folks are on their way right now from Durban with my aunt who’s visiting from the UK. As they’re staying at my sister’s and only arriving after the boys’ bedtime tonight, we’ll only see them tomorrow…so excited as always!!!

It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow and we’re having a family dinner at what I call a kid friendly restaurant., not Spur! Then on Sunday, my cousin over at Memoirs4MyMunchkins and her family are coming over for a braai, so it’ll be a mini family gathering which I always love!! Next week, I have a few things planned, and am hoping to squeeze in a massage (don’t judge…you try carry around a 7kg+ baby) but there’s also some admin things that I need to do before our 6year anniversary on the Saturday (date night – yay!!) and Riley’s baptism on the Sunday.

Then myself and the boys are off to Durban with my folks for a two week holiday. Unfortunately, the hubster’s unable to join us, but you know what they say…absence makes the heart grow fonder ❤  In the middle of our two week getaway is my birthday – yay me *happy dance*!!!!

In Durbs, I’m hoping to spend lots of quality time with Ethan including going to movies, the beach, riding bikes, going to mini park and the snake park (does the snake park still exist?) and seeing a few friends as well.

Anyway, this is just a quick checkin before all the fun begins. Have a good weekend y’all xxx


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