Happy birthday to the most fantastic woman that I know, my mother. Mum, you and I are not only mother and daughter but the closest of friends too. You’ve watched me grow over the years (wider, taller and a hell of a lot heavier with two humongous bellies too!) and you’ve held my hand all the way only letting go when you felt you needed me to be on my own, but never moving too far. You’ve listened to me for hours – and boy, do we all know how much I can talk – always there to lend an ear, give advice and encouragement, and tried to give a different perspective all the while trying to stay impartial but giving me the tools to make my own decision. You’ve never complained, never shut me down, never bad mouthed me. You always hold me in the highest regard and for that I want to thank you. Thank you for extending your love to my husband and mostly, to your beautiful grandsons who think the world of you. I am who I am because of you (and maybe a little because of dad too – hehe). I see your love for God every day by the way you are to others around you and through the things you do. Your unwavering faith is something I aspire to. Today’s your day mum – the day you were born, a date I’ll always remember. I’m so glad to be spending it with you! I hope that you’re spoilt rotten and that you feel super special as you should. I want to remind you once again of how much I love you, not only today, but every other day that God gives us to spend with you. May He grant you many many more years to come. Happy birthday mum xxx

Nana and her eldest grandson Ethan <3

Nana and her eldest grandson Ethan ❤

(As a side, how’s this for co-incidence…today’s also my husband’s late mother’s birthday, he and my late gran share a birthday, my dad and my brother-in-law share a birthday AND my husband’s step brother and myself share a birthday too!!…small world hey??!!!)


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