I can’t believe that I’ve been in Durban for a full working week already – time really does fly! On Monday, myself and the boys drove from Joburg with my folks to spend two weeks with them and although, I must admit, I was feeling a bit apprehensive driving for so many hours with two children, the drive was a real breeze. I guess the fact that my mum did half the trip at the back and myself the other really helped. It was Riley’s first long trip and Ethan’s first one sans nappies, so I had really envisioned lots of crying and frequent wee breaks, but the boys were both real gems.

My plan for these two weeks was threefold…to have a change of scenery (“cabin fever” while on maternity leave is a real thing!), spend some time with my folks at home (yes, I still call my mother’s house home even though this is my 15th year out of the house) and most importantly, give Ethan loads of undivided attention. I made a list of things to do with him every other day (‘cos let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees!) and so far, we’ve been having a good time…well, I have…I hope he has too!!

So the holiday didn’t start off soooo wonderfully…day 1 found me at the doctor’s thanks to a sore throat that just didn’t wanna go away. Day 2 was set aside for uShaka…it started off good, bags were packed, bottles were made for Riley who was staying home with nana and I had hyped Ethan up about the outting since he woken up in the morning. T-10 arrived and I thought I’d quickly fold up the sleeper couch that Ethan’s been sleeping on before we dashed out, only to jam my finger in the metal legs of the couch. Unable to move the couch even an inch with only one hand free and barely able to talk with my sore throat, I screamed for my mum to help me (while my fingernail felt like it was gonna pop off my finger!!)…Riley had to be laid on the floor and proceeded to cry blue murder while Ethan froze in the lounge and cried his heart out scared even to peep at what was happening to his mum. Drama of note!! After my finger was strapped in a bandage soaked in vinegar (apparently an age old remedy to draw infection out according to my mum), we were off on our way. Dolphin show (when last?!?!), seal show, aquarium…my child was in his element. Lunch at Wimpy, ice-creams and then Ethan played in the kids zone. I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called but boy, is it worth the R65! The biggest outdoor play jungle gym in the country, a lego area, sandpit, playdough place, painting area and a water splash area to name but a few things to do there. I must admit that if I’d known about the variety of activities available at the kiddies area for about half the price of the aquarium, I would have rather spent more time there and skipped the aquarium altogether. Not that the aquarium wasn’t worth it, but at Ethan’s age, he’d much rather run around a play area than walk around looking at fishes cos let’s be honest…to him, they all look pretty much the same!!

On Thursday, we went to the people’s park at Moses Mabhida stadium. While Ethan played on the children’s goodies, we grabbed a light lunch and then my plan was to take him to Wild Adventures but they are unfortunately in the process of renegotiating their contract and so are closed. Ethan jumped at the opportunity to ride bicycles on the beach but on the bike that has a seat for kiddies at the back so mum had to escort his royal highness while he directed from his throne 🙂

Yesterdays trip to the local pool had to be canned due to the overcast weather but was quickly substituted with a trip to the local Spur. An ice-cream cone for boy and a kiddies milkshake for mum (indulging and bulging – that’s what holidays are about :-)) was just what the doctor ordered after being cooped up indoors all day! Today we’re off to visit my cousin and her family in Port Shepstone (about an hours drive from here) and then tomorrow, I’m celebrating my birthday with cake and tea at my mum’s together with some aunts and uncles…what more could a girl ask for…a birthday spent with family!!!

I have a few more things planned for next week as we have another week in Durbs but more about that then. Have a great weekend y’all xxx


3 responses »

  1. Marissa de Vries says:

    Was great spending time with you! Xxx

  2. MamaCat says:

    This sounds lovely! I always love a trip to Durban and last December was the first time I drove HB alone.
    I did not know about the playpark either

  3. Jozi says:

    Sounds like fun Jods. We didnt even get to the dolphin show. Ryder lasted like 20 minutes in the aquarium before a meltdown from tiredness. But we went to Ushaka Kids World on another day and spent the whole day there. He and his cousin loved every minute. Definitely a gem.

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