I remember the first time that both my boys smiled. That moment when you’re not sure if it’s a wind or a real smile and all you want is for your child to smile again so that you can…take a picture 🙂 Pictures become more frequent as you try and capture the perfect smile and as your child gets older, they start to perfect their smile all on their own. Then all of a sudden, they somehow forget how to smile! Photo time becomes a major issue slightly frustrating as you take picture after picture hoping to get the perfect smile. First you’re calling smiilllleeeee and moments later, you’re so annoyed at your little cherub who is sporting something of a grimace, that all you want to do is scream. Photos quickly turn from “say cheessseeeee” time to capturing “the moment” rather, because trying to get a nice smile starts to become harder than pulling teeth. Well, we’re currently in that phase and I have a few pictures to prove it…



Please excuse me in this pic but you get the point right?!

Please excuse me in this pic but you get the point right?!


All I can think of right now, of course, is what my child’s first school pictures are going to look like if he doesn’t learn to smile properly by then…hehe.


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  1. MamaCat says:

    Smiling. I never knew it was a milestone until we had a child. You are one strong mom. Carrying two babies.

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