Wow – I can’t believe how quickly our two weeks holiday went! Wasn’t it just the other day that I was counting down to the getaway…and now we’re back and then some, but boy oh boy, did we have fun! For myself, it was quite exhausting (one-on-one’s every day with a toddler asking a million questions and wanting to do the total opposite to what you want can be seriously draining) but worth every minute as Ethan had a ball!! Well, so he says. On Sunday night, when he went to bed, he actually said mum, I had a good holiday with you and mum, what was your favourite thing that we did on holiday…mine was going to the beach…precious child ❤ My favourite, of course, was every day…ok, maybe not that day that I jammed my finger in the sleeper couch…but I spent some serious quality time with my boy and I enjoyed every moment!!! We did something almost every day and behaved like real tourists in my home town, Durban. Here are some of the things we did – I’d seriously suggest you try and visit these places the next time you’re in Durban…

Ushaka Marine World

Ushaka Marine World

Ushaka Kids World - can you spot Ethan?!

Ushaka Kids World – can you spot Ethan?!

Minitown - around since the 1960s!

Minitown – around since the 1960s!

Movies at the Pavilion!!

Movies at the Pavilion!!

Lucky Bean, Botha's Hill

Lucky Bean, Botha’s Hill

Phezulu Safari Park - crocodiles feeding...

Phezulu Safari Park – crocodiles feeding…

Brave child holding a snake at Phezulu!!

Brave child holding a snake at Phezulu!!

Duck and Deck Animal Farm

Duck and Deck Animal Farm

Other than all the places above, we also visited the People’s Park at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, rode bikes along the beachfront, swam at the blue sides on North Beach and in the beach, visited the local Spur twice, visited the local park twice, my mum took Ethan to play games at the Pavilion and we took a trip to Port Shepstone to spend the afternoon with my cousin and her family. So all in all, it was a jam packed holiday, but totally worth it!!!

And now the countdown begins till the end of my maternity leave. I’m starting to dread leaving my precious boy at home. He’s at such a lovely age…more attentive, he’s starting to get more chatty, he’s had his first taste of solids and has even started sitting in his bumbo.

First taste of cereal <3

First taste of cereal ❤

My gorgeous boys

My gorgeous boys

Bumbo time :-)

Bumbo time 🙂

But life goes on…things have to return to normal I guess and I’m sooo looking forward to some adult conversation during the day. The Joburg traffic…not so much!!!


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