Guys, my little 3.5month old cut his first tooth. Can you believe it??!!!! At such an early age…I can’t believe it. As with Ethan’s first tooth, this tooth appeared with absolutely no warning at all. No teething signs per say…some itchy gums, but I thought it was waayyy too early for that – afterall, Ethan’s first tooth only appeared at 6months – and just brushed it off as mister discovering his hand/mouth co-ordination! What’s even worse is that I didn’t even see the tooth. This is a mum who’s still on maternity leave at home with baby most of the day *embarrassed face*. Last night, I noticed Riley trying to chew more on the new teething rings I’d just introduced him to, and so this morning, I mentioned to the nanny that I think it may well be the start of teething only for her to respond that he already has a tooth. I was flabbergasted!!! Apparently, she noticed it on Monday when he was smiling. Ummm, it’s Thursday and if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have seen it for a few days yet…mummy fail 😦


Yesterday, I almost had another mummy fail! Too busy chatting in the driveway with the neighbour, I had zero attention on Ethan who was happily playing in our yard with two friends from the complex. I had closed the sliding door door (we have a stackable sliding door so use the one door quite often) tight as we’d gone out for a walk with Riley and so for all intense purposes, without my help, Ethan shouldn’t have been able to get into the house. After I said my goodbyes, I walked into our yard only to see Ethan walking inside his room. I looked to the sliding door door only to see it firmly shut so I asked the two friends in a seriously confused manner as to how Ethan had managed to get inside. Apparently, he squeezed through this hole (bottom left)…


To explain how small this hole is…even the cats have to squeeze to fit through it and my 3year old managed to get in unscathed! Thank goodness he didn’t get stuck!!!! Needless to say that when I asked him to do it again, he got stuck and had a bit of a panic attack before I carefully got him out unharmed 😉

I’m back at work in one day short of three weeks and I’m quite looking forward to it! Bad mum??!!! Over the last three days, I’ve gone in for 5hours a day to attend a workshop…no, I wasn’t forced to attend and yes, I got to add 2days extra to my leave to make up for this time spent in the office. You see, when I get back, I’m moving into a new role (exciting!!!) and these workshops will impact a large part of my immediate project work, so it really was for my benefit to attend. Plus, it gave P (our nanny) a trial run with Riley and the housework together…overall, all went well.

Talking about P, I sent her home early today only to return on Monday as she’s sick as a dog! The last thing I need is for my kids to get sick again 😦 Riley’s finally recovering from bronchiolitis and Ethan from croup and a bad ear infection in both ears. So, as per my mum’s suggestion, I think it best if we get rid of any germs before we enter the sick circle again 🙂

So tomorrow morning, I’m home with Riley and the housework…and the afternoon with both kids as Ethan’s still only at school half day until the end of March. Fortunately, his school are open through school holidays and provide a “holiday programme” that’s included in the school fees so mister doesn’t have to sit at home bored stiff while I try and divide my time evenly between both boys.

Have a good Friday y’all xxx


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  1. Mrs FF says:

    Go Riley! Such a trouper cutting his first teeth without too much trouble. Yes that was a wise decision to send P home. Otherwise the circle of infection continues

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