Today and tomorrow are my last two days at home before it’s back to the grindstone (or as the hubster calls it, work, the “real world”)…can you believe it! It feels like just the other day that I wrote this blogpost – And We’re Home. At the time, it felt like…well, exactly what is was…MONTHS till my maternity leave would be over. In fact, remember I even made the decision to cut my leave short and only take a few days unpaid as opposed to the two months unpaid that I’d initially intended to take?! When I mulled over the decision of whether to cut my leave shorter, one of the things that was a large contributing factor was that I was already at a loose end in terms of keeping busy during the day especially when Riley was with P, our nanny, and I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do for all the months ahead and now I can’t believe that it’s gone! Overs kadovers. Just like that. I’ve said this in more than one blogpost before, but I want to say it again…guys, my mum’s right! The older you get, the quicker time seems to go. I mean, we’re in April already!!!!! I cannot believe that I’m going back to work. I’m quite looking forward to it though…the stimulation, thinking again (it’s amazing how your brain can so quickly turn to mush!) and the highlight…socialising with adults on a daily basis again 🙂 whoop whoop. That being said, I’m going to miss Riley something terrible. I probably won’t even see him in the mornings because I leave for work at the crack of dawn and well, he sleeps till a decent time in the morning unlike Ethan used to. In fact, most mornings, I won’t see both my kids 😦

At any rate, now that I’m going back to work, my 4month old is starting to sleep shorter hours – can you believe it! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying him sleeping straight through for 10-12hours because waking up for two kids during the night is just not fun at all!! But the last few nights, he’s been sleeping for just under 10hours and last night, he woke up every 4hours??!!! To say I’m tired today is a little bit of an understatement but 3years of Ethan waking up most nights has made me immune to this. A few hours sleep, waking up 5times during the night between the kids (last night!)…piece of cake, no hassles. Life is too short to worry about sleep – I’ll when I’m dead, hehe [read: sleep deprived mum trying to convince herself]. Let’s hope the good sleeping carries on all around though and that last night was just an odd night never to be repeated again 😉

On another note, the hubster and I went away (just to Monte Casino) for the night on Saturday. My folks babysat for us…they’re “in transit” in Joburg before they fly out on holiday to Greece and Turkey tomorrow night (jealous much??) so we maximised and spent some much needed quality time together. Guys, it’s not easy having two kids. To say things have been rough is an understatement but we’re working on it, and the night away was just what we needed. An added (though unintentional) bonus was that both our cellphones died and we left our chargers at home so the evening and morning including dinner and breakfast were spent completely uninterrupted. What an absolute pleasure!! I sometimes wish we could do it more often and that cellphones didn’t consume our lives…

At any rate, I’m sitting in a little spa close to home enjoying a pedi, something one must do when one only has a few days left at home 🙂 I also had a full body massage earlier and for the rest of today and tomorrow, I plan on doing nothing much else other than to spend some time with Riley!!

Over and out xxx


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  1. catjuggles says:

    Best of luck for going back – although there as positives it is still not easy. And raising kids is hard – 2 even more than 1, 3 even more than 2

  2. Nasima says:

    Hope you had a good first day back at work xx

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