Neither the hubster or I have ever had any broken bones, casts put on, stitches sewed in etc.  For the most part, on my side at least, I’m quite cautious so it’s no surprise to me that Ethan is as well, and even less of a disppointment surprise that his first stitches don’t come with a cool story like falling off a very high tree when mummy wasn’t looking or jumping over something serious sharp and dangerous but rather, they came from a simple fall off the bed.  A freak accident actually!  And it also happened to of course happen in the middle of the night, on a week night…in fact, Wednesday night to be exact.  On top of all of that, it just so happened to happen on the first.night.this.year that mum went out alone i.e. no kids and no hubster…yes, THIS YEAR!  What are the odds??!!!

Anyway, getting back to the story.  So Ethan’s been sleeping pretty badly for the last week or so.  I’m talking about boy child waking up every 15minutes to half an hour every night for hours on end.  So it would start at about 1 and continue till 4/5am…waking up crying.  Between nightmares, nose bothering him, discovering he’s laying the across the bed instead of long ways…the excuses for the crying just never stops.  A lot of the times, he’ll just say I don’t know why I’m crying which as you can imagine, becomes extremely frustrating for sleep deprived “moi” who does all the waking up!  I go from feeling sympathetic, cuddling him and trying to get him settled to the complete opposite – a little smack on the bottom – and this continues all night.  For those of you reading thinking, wow, a smack on the bottom, that’s a bit extreme…you try not sleeping for THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!!  This is one area of my life that drives me up the wall.  But anyway, I digress…again.

Does he look like he doesn't sleep???

Does he look like he doesn’t sleep???

So on Wednesday night, after a good dinner out with extended relatives and two glasses of wine!, I hit the bed hard just after 10pm and was seriously praying (yes, praying, I kid you not…that’s how bad it is…but God seems to have a seriously funny sense of humour when it comes to Ethan’s sleeping!!) for a good nights’ rest.  The hubster got into bed a while later and I fell asleep with his arm around me thinking positive thoughts about how well we were going to sleep.    Just after midnight, I heard Ethan start to cry and then soon after, he fell off the bed and hit the laundry basket which is right next to his bed.  Now, boy child has been sleeping on a “big boy bed” since the age of 15months and has literally only fallen out of his bed once in all that time, so the chances of him falling out of the bed on any day are rather slim.  What’s also strange is that he hit the washing basket next to his bed – it has a metal frame but the corners have rubber pads on them – which means he’d literally rolled from his usual side of the double bed across to the other side in his sleep.  More bizarre is that some part of the washing basket actually cut his head open!  Yes, open.  A cut that was gashing with blood which in my sleepy haze, I didn’t quite realise until I was still trying to rock him in an attempt to calm him down only to look down at the wet spot on his shirt that I thought was only perspiration, to find a dark mark which was actually blood.  After screaming for the hubster to switch the light on, we both went into panic stations as we discovered that my hand, Ethan’s back, shoulder and his chest were all covered in blood.  Thank God we have a full time live in nanny who was rudely shaken out of her sleep and ordered to sleep in Ethan’s room while we rushed him to the ER.  [I must just add at this time that during all of this commotion, Riley slept without even moving an inch…from 7pm – 7:30am the next morning as if nothing at all had happened].

How cute is this child?!

How cute is this child?!

Fortunately, when we arrived at the ER, it was totally empty so we weren’t made to wait or go to triage for an assessment with the nurse.  We were ushered straight to the children’s room and the doctor saw Ethan immediately.  First, he did all the normal “checks” – pupils, temperature, breathing etc.  At this point, Ethan (who had calmed down considerably on the drive to the hospital) started going ballistic.  He normally has no problem with the doctor checking vitals but obviously, due to the serious trauma he’d already been through, this was just too much for his little mind to deal with.  The doctor then pulled out a blade to shave the area so that he could examine the cut better.  I don’t think I need to say just how much Ethan was crying at this point!  The hubster had left the room to move the car away from the front door of the ER and poor mum was trying to hold it together for the little patient without losing it herself.  The doctor then gave us the option of either giving Ethan a drip to knock him out then do the stitches once he was “under” or to just give him two injections in the head to numb the pain.  We opted with the latter as putting him on a drip meant that we’d have to wait until he was sedated and then, after the stitches were complete, we’d have to wait until he came around again and obviously, the doctor would need to reassess him to check that all was okay.  We were talking hours of waiting as opposed to a bit of pain from the injections and a few minutes for the stitches.  So we chose the injections of course.  After being warned that they were painful and that we’d have to restrain him (the doctor even said that the hubster would have to as I wasn’t strong enough) we positioned ourselves to try and be of as much assistance as possible.

So the hubster had Ethan sit on his lap and a sheet was placed around his arms which were to keep him from flailing.  I held his head together with the nurse, and the doctor proceeded to give him the two injections on either side of the cut.  No words can explain just how badly Ethan reacted.  He went absolutely crazy.  Screaming and crying, writhing from the pain and of course, wanting the doctor to stop.  All he kept screaming was mummy, mummy, no.  My shattered heart.  All I could think to do was to pray out loud for Jesus’s protection over him…the doctor and nurse must have thought that I was a little bit cooked!  As soon as the injections were done, he wanted me to hold him so the hubster and I traded places.  The stitches were done in no time with obviously minimal pain and just over an hour later, we were out of there.  Ethan of course was proud as punch with his head bandage!  He kept looking in the mirror smiling at himself 🙂

Asleep a few hours after the drama...

Asleep a few hours after the drama…

Anyhow, that’s the story of our first stitches.  Done and dusted.  Now just to go back next week to get them removed.  I wish I could say the joys of having boys, but I guess this could have happened to anybody!  As a said earlier, a seriously freak accident.  Needless to say, the washing basket has been moved out of his room completely just to avoid this ever happening again and thankfully, Ethan had a decent nights’ rest last night.  Shame, poor child even said to me when he went to bed last night – tonight, I’m not going to fall out of the bed ❤ 

Ethan on top form a day later...even breakdancing with his headgear!

Ethan on top form a day later…even breakdancing with his headgear!


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  1. Jozi says:

    Eina Jods! What a harrowing experience! Glad the little patient is back in break dancing form. Sorry his sleep patterns are still so bad though!

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  3. […] (and still is) a very cautious child.  He’s only ever fell off the bed twice, this time and this one.  Even as a baby, he’d crawl to the edge and just wait.  Sliding off the bed took him forever […]

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